Angel Music


Today we have both a legacy hymn and a new arrangement, both about angels. The first is a shape note arrangement of “An Angel from on High” as Parley P. Pratt most likely intended it to be sung.

An Angel from on High

The second, is a dual hymn arrangement, to the tune of “Thou Lovely Source of True Delight”.

I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly_Arise Oh God and Shine Final


Though Outward Trials by Eliza R. Snow


This is another Eliza R. Snow original poem, set to a traditional shape-note tune. Today, our hymnbook has a version called “Though Deepening Trials”.

Though Outward Trials

To learn about shape notes, go here:

A Pioneer Hymn: The Upper California


Today we have a very rare pioneer songs that has a rock-solid historic LDS background. The words are by John Taylor, the lyrics by E.J. Loder.

The Upper California

Awake! (By Joseph Smith?)



Could this hymn have been written by the Prophet Joseph Smith himself? Click on the PDF to read the music and to see why one hymn historian (hymnstorian?) thinks it could have been.

PDF: Awake


Eliza R. Snow’s Forgotten Funeral Hymn plus a Bonus

Your Sweet Little Rosebud 1


Your Sweet Little Rosebud 2

Not everything Eliza R. Snow wrote made it into our modern hymnbook. Take this forgotten little beauty that was sung at funerals. See if you can recognize the familiar tune by Ebenezer Beasley:

Your Sweet Little Rosebud Has Left You


And as an added bonus, a new arrangement of a timeless text:

His Voice As the Sound



Sweet is the Work (Legacy Version)


Today, we have a legacy version of the hymn “Sweet is the Work”. The love the words to this hymn, especially the idea of our hearts being in tune with the Spirit like a well-tuned musical instrument.

This version is quite a bit more musically demanding than the version in our hymnbook today. It has a much broader range, a tenor solo, and more complex rhythms. That’s why it would be perfect for a choir.

PDF: Sweet is the Work