Sacrament Hymn: Great Is Thy Mercy

This week I collaborated with a fellow Mormon Tabernacle Choir member to create a new sacrament hymn. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics, and I’m really pleased with the result. He has started a new site to post his compositions, and you can check out our combined effort there:


Here are the words:

Great is thy mercy, O Lord, most holy.

We bring our souls as an off’ring to thee.

Great is thy love, more than I comprehend

Infinite, eternal, thy Son, whom thou didst send.


Great is thy power, O Lord, most mighty.

Breaking the chains of death and of sin.

Great is thy grace, in saving those who roam.

Blotting even scarlet sins, through Christ who did atone.


Great is thy glory, O Lord, most holy.

We leave our burdens at thy feet.

Great is thy plan that gives up hope anew.

Making clear our path as we our covenants renew.



Four Part Men: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross


“When I Survey the Wond’rous Cross” is one of my grandmother’s favorite songs. I have always loved it as well and have had a chance to sing the traditional version with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It seemed to me that there really was only one version that I heard everyone do, and a friend of mine mentioned to me that it might be nice to do a men’s arrangement.

So, friend, here you have it.

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (TTBB)

No, It’s not “Praise to the Man”…It’s “Israel, Awake!”


Though this tune is also based on “Scotland the Brave” just like “Praise to the Man”, there are certainly differences. The words are completely different as well as the message. Enjoy this forgotten gem.

Israel Awake from Thy Silent, Long Slumber

Christ the Lord is Ris’n Today


the-last-supper-1366751-m (1)

Getting ready for Easter yet? It will be on us before you know it. I’m participating in a concert of Messiah, which, contrary to popularly belief, is not merely a Christmas piece. Only one section of it has to do with the Nativity. But I digress…

Today, I have a favorite Easter hymn, arranged to a different, but similar tune called “Praise the Lord, His Glories Show”. I have arranged it for both a high solo voice and a simple SATB arrangement.

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (solo)

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Choir)

A Capella “O Savior Thou Who Wearest a Crown”


I have always loved “O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown” even before I went on a mission to Germany, where I learned the original German words, which I loved as well. They are very different than the English and the first line is a little gruesome (It translates to “O head full of blood and wounds”).

I made this arrangement for Cantorum, a local chamber choir that does early music, because this is one of the oldest hymn tunes in the Hymnbook.

Enjoy the arrangement:

O Savior Thou Who Wearest (Cantorum)

And learn more about Cantorum here: