Original Hymn: Blessed


The tune to this hymn came to me as I was drifting off to sleep. It played over and over in my head so that I remembered it in the morning, and started to work on the words:

The pure in heart shall see God’s face

And surely know He is

What greater gift can he bestow

Than knowing we are His?

The meek shall all the earth receive

The peaceable, the kind

When God’s pure kingdom stands alone

And all men peace will find.

The merciful, the penitent

Shall all receive the same

God will recall their sins no more

When they call on his name.

How blessed are all those who mourn

For they shall comfort find

God himself will dry their tears

And soothe the wearied mind.

How blessed the obedient

Who keep all God’s commands

They are prospered in all things

They truly understand.

Those who endure this mortal day

And fight the valiant fight

Shall reclaim their heaven’ly home

A land of endless light.




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