Nearer My God to Thee (My Song in the Night)

One of my favorite songs we sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is “My Song in the Night”. You can watch a performance here: 

Today’s offering is a version of “Nearer My God to Thee” set to this haunting melody.

Nearer My God to Thee (alt) SATB


Two Hymns + Jupiter


A few months ago, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir did a version of “O God, Beyond All Praising”, which was set to the tune of the middle second of Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter, Bringer of Jolity” from “The Planets”. 

I haven’t been so captivated by a melody in a long time, and so I figured I would use it to adapt a hymn or two. I couldn’t decide between “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” and “Israel, Israel, God Is Calling”, and so I set them both.  I love the majestic sweep of the melody, the kind of majesty that fits with these timeless words. 

O How Lovely (Holst)

Israel Israel (Holst)

Bearers of God’s Holy Priesthood


Thanks to Rick Graham for this wonderful collaboration. I wrote the words and he paired them with music in a hymn that talks about how God blesses everyone through the Priesthood.


We Have Partaken Of Thy Love

This is a simple arrangement for ward choirs of “We Have Partaken of Thy Love”. It is not a commonly sung hymn, but has a beautiful melody, and words that are wonderful for Sacrament Meeting.

We Have Partaken of Thy Love

Sabbath Day

Church Window

One of my favorite, lesser-sung hymns is “Sabbath Day”. It has such poignant words and music that makes me feel reverence for God just by listening to it. To my delight, I got to sing it in General Conference a few times back. Here’s the link:

I hope you enjoy this new arrangement: Sabbath Day Sabbath Day

Come Follow Me (On the River…to Scotland)


(The actual Loch Lomond–courtesy of

If the title of this post seems confusing, let me clarify: This arrangement of “Come, Follow Me” has the melody of the folk song “The Water is Wide”, and the accompaniment includes the tune of the folk song “Loch Lomond”.  Sort of a Come Follow Me on the high road or the low road. I hope you like the results!

Come Follow Me

Ring Out Wild Bells (With Bells On)


I did this arrangement for a ward choir director I met on Facebook. She wanted to work on a new arrangement of Ring Out Wild Bells. Having lived in Europe, I remember how the church bells sounded all over the land at the arrival of the new year. It produced an incredible wave of sound. In this arrangement, I have tried to capture some of the “wild bells” that the author might have been thinking about when he wrote this text.


Ring Out Wild Bells Nov 2014