Children’s Song Entries

Review the files below, which are listed in no particular order. Then click on the “Vote” link to record your vote. The voting period is open from April 14th until April 30th. Winners will be posted on this site on or around May 1st. There will be one winner selected by popular vote and the other by the judges. You may vote only once in each category, for up to two hymns apiece. You may vote for yourself as long as you review the other entries. Feel free to share about the contest on social media.



I Walk in Light

I Am His Son

I Know My Savior Loves Me

I’ll Remember Him

I’ll Be a Missionary

I Will Do As the Savior Bids

Daddy, I Love You

My Heavenly Father Loves Me

It’s Your 8th Birthday

I am God’s Child

 He Was Baptized by Immersion

I Will Follow Christ

Our Father’s Plan


I Want to Be Baptized

What Would Jesus Do?

The Voice of God

Nephi’s Faith

The Articles of Faith

Moroni Gave His All




My Mom Is the Best

My Daddy’s Shoes

I Can Be Like Nephi

I’ll Follow Jesus Christ

Father, I Will Seek Thee

Help is Wanted

I’ll Walk Today As Jesus Walked 

My Heavenly Father Sent Me Here

I Belong to a Family Tree

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