He Walked Alone

Enjoy a new hymn I wrote with former MoTab member, Rick Graham. Here are the words:

He walked alone so we must not, along the road with peril fraught.
Descending to the darkest vale, the curse of mortals to assail.

A lonely road all choked with thorns, that thick upon His brow adorn.
Weighed down by burdens stark and grave, great drops of blood as sweat He gave.

There was no one to walk beside as He faced that grim eventide.
But glory to our God ascribe, He bore more than we can describe.

Tell of His grace, lest we forget, the vastness of forgiven debt
that ransoms ev’ry mortal child, and brings them home, cleansed, reconciled.

PDF: He_Walked_Alone_So_We_Must_Not