Updates and Looking Forward to 2017

As 2017 nears, I want to give an update on the projects I’m working on. This site hasn’t received a lot of new content in a while, and it is because I am working on a few massive projects that will be well worth the wait.

  1. “As Saints We Sing”. This is the title of the hymnbook I’m working on. I’m very close to having a version ready for people to look at. It really has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but I’m happy to say, the wait will not be all that much longer.  I’m not going to offer a specific release date now, but it should be out in 2017.
  2. “A Light Unto My Feet” This is a compilation of hymns, one for each of the old scripture mastery and of the new doctrinal mastery passages. I will also be needing help looking this one over.
  3. Daily hymn texts. For 2017, I am setting the ambitious goal for myself of writing a hymn text every day. I’m going to publish these on this site weekly and make them available for arrangers and for feedback from others.I want to make sure I write for a variety of topics, and could use some input. I’m especially interested in topics for which there are not already many hymns. Leave me a comment about what you’d like to see.

I’m excited about what the new year will bring! Please reach out to me with any questions or if you would like to help in some capacity.

Email: thesongoftherighteous (at) gmail (dot) com