Hymn Text: The Father’s Vision

Date: January 2nd, 2017

Title: The Father’s Vision


6 6 6 6 D

Topic: Eternal Progression



Thou alone canst number

The stars seen and unseen

Or count the grains of sand

Upon an ocean scene.


Still greater are the sons

And daughters of Thy line

A chain for our souls

Forged from Thy pow’r divine.


Thou hast promised increase

Much more than I can know

I scarce can comprehend

The gifts thou dost bestow.


Now only by faith’s light

Can I a portion see

Of what Thou hast in store

Of what we each can be.


Thou hast a perfect view

Of all that is and was

And knowest well my place

And hast ordained my cause.


I pray I may achieve

Thy vision in its height

So I perpetuate

The glory of Thy light.


Questions? Comments? Contact: thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com


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