Hymn Text: In This World

Date: January 14th, 2017
Title: In This World
Meter: 7 6 7 6 D
Topic: endurance, the last days, signs of the times, second coming

In this world where sins abound
It’s easy to despair.
Precious is the truth when found
How vital that we share.

For evil will grow stronger
Before the light prevails.
We know not how much longer
This battle will entail.

In this world where right and wrong
Are easily confused
Where the wicked ones grow strong
And power is abused;

We daily flee deception
In order to stay pure.
We must change our perception
In order to endure.

In this world where God is mocked
We all must heed them not.
For God’s work cannot be blocked
By any evil plot.

Those who bear the burdens now
Will stand when Christ returns.
Then, when every knee shall bow,
This earthly vineyard burns.

For this world will rise anew
Cleansed from impurity.
God will His every Saint renew
With holy surety.

We’ll not dwell on former things
Nor have a need of tears.
Servants of the King of Kings,
We’ll praise a thousand years.

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