Hymn Text: Mercy for Others

Date: January 20th, 2017
Title: Mercy for Others
Meter: 10 8 10 8 D
Topic: mercy, grace, forgiveness

Mercy for you means mercy for others,
For you must give it to obtain.
If you withhold from sisters and brothers,
You deepen your own sinful stain.

Great is the debt we owe to our Savior
Far greater than any can pay.
If we don’t forgive other’s behavior
Then our own guilt will with us stay.

The debts of our neighbors are little things
When seen with the debt that we owe.
During the harvest, the bounty it brings,
Depends on the seeds that we sow.

Much better to pluck up the tiny weeds
Than to let them flourish and sprout,
To tend to our garden with kindly deeds,
Than to let thorns choke our roots out.

The price of our sins has been paid in full,
There’s no need to suffer again.
The darkest of stains are made white as wool
Where the blood of Jesus has been.

For Christ even pardoned those who drove nails
Both into His feet and His hands
He knows the strength that forgiveness entails,
The gravity He understands.

Questions? Comments? Contact: thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com

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