Hymn Text: Their Mothers Knew It

Date: January 24th, 2017

Title: Their Mothers Knew It

Meter: 10 8 10 8 D

Topic: stripling warriors, motherhood, courage, faith



The song of Helaman stood in defense

Of their families, faith, and land.

And though their involvement made little sense

These stripling songs did understand,


That God would preserve them all through the fight

Striving with God and their brothers

Preserving them through the enemy’s spite

Blessed with faith’s shield from their mothers.


The sons of Helaman knew from their youth

Their mothers could face any foe.

These noble women nourished them with truth

Encouraged their faith’s seeds to grow.


They fought so others would not have to fight

And to preserve their liberty

They battled, filled with true and holy light

To defend sacred agency.


The sons of Helaman all did prevail

Because they acted on belief.

They didn’t know what the fight would entail

And it might have ended in grief.


Though all of them felt the sting of great pain,

They stood when the battle was through.

They drew the strength of truths pure and plain

With no doubt what their mothers knew.


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