Hymn Text: Success at Home

Date: January 28th, 2017
Title: Success at Home
Meter: 10 8 10 8 D
Topic: home life, families, children

Success at home means success in God’s sight,
Above ev’ry worldly acclaim.
But failure at home means failure despite
Whatever else you should obtain.

Raising God’s children is a holy task,
And teaching them the gospel true.
For whether they grow in God’s light to bask
Depends a great deal upon you.

Success at home means bringing God’s Spirit
To linger wherever we live.
To help all recognize when they hear it.
To be kind and quick to forgive.

Raising God’s children will challenge us all
As they grow in a world of sin.
But though at times we feel feeble and small
With God, it’s a fight we can win.

Success at home means we’re building with love
Foundations of faith and of hope.
That our homes below may mirror above,
And we with Earth’s trials can cope.

Raising God’s children brings heaven’s reward
And affects eternity’s flow.
By raising our children to love the Lord,
We help them forever to grow.

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