Hymn Text: Heal My Heart

Date: February 26th, 2017
Title: Heal My Heart
Meter: 7 6 7 6 D
Topic: healing, change, rebirth, humility


Heal my eyes that I may see
Too often I am blind
I miss the path set by Thee
Though it’s not hard to find.

Unless I see clearly now
I’ll never find the way
Thou canst with Thy light endow
To keep the dark at bay.

Heal my ears that I may hear
Thy whispers in the night
Often I’m too deaf by fear
To hear Thy words aright.

Thy guidance I will not flee
I will receive Thy word.
Words of life are found in Thee
Let every one be heard.

Heal my mouth that I may speak
No vanity or guile
Words are often dark and bleak
So that they can defile.

Let my voice now echo Thine
In everything I say,
Still and small, but yet divine,
As I Thy love convey.

Heal my heart that I may feel
Thy tenderness within
My whole heart with stone I seal
When I give in to sin.

Help me keep it soft and meek
So that it may be changed
And reinforced where it’s weak.
And newly rearranged.

Questions? Comments? Contact: thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com


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