Hymn Text: What Greater Name

Date: March 22nd, 2017

Title: What Greater Name

Meter: 8 6 8 6 D



What greater name could we receive

Than that of God’s great Son?

What greater voice could we believe

Than of the Holy One?


No other name can sanctify

The sins of every soul.

No other name can purify

So that we are made whole.


What greater fold could we enter

Then the Good Shepherd’s flock?

What greater teacher could mentor

All those who ask and knock?


No other fold can safely keep

Us safe from Satan’s snares

No other fold can save its sheep

When he comes unawares.


What greater promise could we take

Than that which Christ provides?

That each of us His heirs would make

Where God Himself resides.


No other promise still will stand

When all things pass away.

No other promise is so grand

And will forever stay.


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Hymn Text: What We Have Become

Date: March 21th, 2017

Title: What We Have Become

Meter: 10 10 10 10

Topic: progression, preparedness, endurance


All the seeds we sow in mortality

We later will reap in eternity.

The fruit that we taste when our lives are through

Depends on our care for the trees we grew.


All the foundation stones we set below

Will greater strength to our mansions bestow.

The height and beauty of towers and halls

Depends on the work we give to the walls.


All progress we make toward a soft heart

Will after this life still blessings impart.

For what we are there depends on the sum

Of what we through all of our lives have become.


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Hymn Text: That Which Was Lost

Date: March 20th, 2017

Title: That Which Was Lost

Meter: 8 8 8 8

Topic: fellowship, repentance, charity



A single coin among the ten

A single sheep among the herd

Forgotten, and not seen again

Unless a shepherd can be stirred


To turn away from all but one

And search until the lost is found

A Shepherd like God’s holy Son

Who searches all the world around.


A single son who turns away

A single daughter lost to sin

Despite those who beg them to stay

Their change must come from deep within.


Like prodigals who waste their wealth

The sting of sin can make them turn,

And save their flagging spirit’s health

As they humbly to home return.


Each single one is in God’s sight

Each is a child whom He would save

If we let Him lead us aright

He will the path with mercy pave.


So venture out to seek the lost

For priceless is each that we find

And think not on the length or cost

But shepherd all of humankind.


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Hymn Text: Each Year

Date: March 15th, 2017

Title: Each Year

Meter: 8 8 8 8

Topic: goals, progress, reflection, time


Each year is a new decision
To squander or cherish our time
To see the world with new vision,
To make it to something divine.

Each year is a new direction
To forge a new trail in the sand,
To make fresh steps to perfection
To see what our Father has planned.

Each year is a new beginning
To tell a great tale our days
To fight the great fight worth winning
To fix on heaven with our gaze.

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Hymn Text: To Serve the One

Date: March 16th, 2017

Title: To Serve the One

Meter: 10 10 10 10 10 10

Topic: service, charity

We may never bless millions through our deeds
For great and many are the world’s needs.
But everywhere there’s service to be found
And needs to fill if we but look around.

We must learn from what our Savior has done:
Leave ninety and nine to go serve the one.

Our voices may not reach a million ears
We cannot be around to dry all tears.
But working through us our kind God can bless
Souls everywhere who seek him in distress.

We must learn from what our Savior has done:
Leave ninety and nine to go serve the one.

Our eyes may not behold each other’s grief.
We may not know how to provide relief.
But God can see and understand each soul
And strengthens us to make each other whole.

We must learn from what our Savior has done:
Leave ninety and nine to go serve the one.

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Hymn Text: The Good Samaritan

Date: March 14th, 2017

Title: The Good Samaritan

Meter: 10 8 10 8 D

Topic: charity, mercy, service


Once a man on the road fell among thieves
Who beat him and left him to die.
Though he cried out for some help to receive
A priest and a Levite passed by.

He would have soon perished if not for one
Who safely delivered him back,
A man representing God’s perfect Son
Who paid that the man should not lack.

Many a neighbor lies beaten and bruised
They plea and they cry for our aid.
Are we like the thieves who others abuse
Or holy men who were afraid?

Or do we choose the Samaritan way
Who bound up the wounds of the poor,
Who paid that he in the shelter should stay
And promised to return with more?

Who is your neighbor? The Savior still asks
And expects us to seek them out,
To help and nurture regardless of task
By acting in faith, not in doubt.

For sometimes we are like the passersby
Who then must choose how to proceed,
And others we are the wounded and cry
For another to fill our need.

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Hymn Text: Not By Chance

Date: March 17th, 2017

Title: Not By Chance

Meter: 9 8 9 8

Topic: faith, blessings, obedience, grace



God’s blessings are not given by chance.

But obedience calls them there.

And all of those who God’s work advance.

Can access them through fervent prayer.


God’s promises are always fulfilled

We must only await the hour

All sicknesses healed and high waves stilled

By His unfathomable pow’r.


God’s favor is always given them

Who harken to His every word.

Every blessing from Him does stem

For how welcome is what we’ve heard!


God’s grace is a freely given gift

Unto all who will it receive

Thus the sorest weakness He can lift

For all those who His grace believe.


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