Hymn Text: The Mote and the Beam

Date: March 10th, 2017

Title: The Mote and the Beam

Meter: 9 8 9 8 D

Topic: criticism, judgment, tolerance



It’s easy to magnify the mote

That we see in our neighbor’s eye

How easy it’s then to laugh and gloat

“I’m so glad that it is not I.”


But often our vision is impaired

By a lengthy and stubborn beam.

A state of things that must be repaired

So that things in perspective seem.


It’s easy to look about for sin

In order to take it away

Much harder to take a look within

And so these sins much longer stay.


Much better it is to be the change

You wish in the world to see

For you have the power to arrange

What kind of a person you’ll be.


Questions? Comments? Contact: thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com


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