Hymn Text: The Saints Will Know the Season

Date: March 11th, 2017
Title: The Saints Will Know the Season
Meter: 7 6 7 6
Topic: second coming, signs of the times, preparation

The Saints will know the season
Of Jesus’ second reign
And this will give them reason
Fresh lamp oil to obtain.

They know the feast approaches
But do not know the hour.
Like a thief that encroaches
When he comes then in power.

The Saints will see the omens
The world is unaware
As Jews who served the Romans
Knew not their Savior there.

The Saints make preparations
The heathen and eat and drink.
The day of reparations
Comes sooner than we think.

The Saints will meet rejoicing
That great and glorious day.
Relief and praises voicing
For peace, which long shall stay.

The wicked tremble, shrinking
For terrible that dawn
Will drive the darkness shrinking
Till every speck is gone.

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