Hymn Text: The Good Samaritan

Date: March 14th, 2017
Title: The Good Samaritan
Meter: 10 8 10 8 D
Topic: charity, mercy, service

Once a man on the road fell among thieves
Who beat him and left him to die.
Though he cried out for some help to receive
A priest and a Levite passed by.

He would have soon perished if not for one
Who safely delivered him back,
A man representing God’s perfect Son
Who paid that the man should not lack.

Many a neighbor lies beaten and bruised
They plead and they cry for our aid.
Are we like the thieves who others abuse
Or holy men who were afraid?

Or do we choose the Samaritan way
Who bound up the wounds of the poor,
Who paid that he in the shelter should stay
And promised to return with more?

Who is your neighbor? The Savior still asks
And expects us to seek them out,
To help and nurture regardless of task
By acting in faith, not in doubt.

For sometimes we are like the passersby
Who then must choose how to proceed,
And others we are the wounded and cry
For another to fill our need.

Questions? Comments? Contact: thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com


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