Hymn Text: Am I Enough?

Date: March 29th, 2017
Title: Am I Enough?
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D
Topic: spirit, Holy Ghost, hope

If you’re asking, “Will I make it?”
The Spirit answers, “Yes, you can!”
If you’re asking “But will I fit?”
The Spirit says, “That is the plan!”

If you wonder, “Will I stumble?”
The Spirit says, “All mortals do.”
If you wonder, “Will I crumble?”
The Spirit says, “We’ll build anew.”

If you cry, “Why is life so hard?”
The Spirit says, “Do not despair.”
If you cry, “I am bruised and scarred.”
The Spirit says, “Give Christ your care.”

If you whisper, “It is too much.”
The Spirit says, “You’re not alone.”
If you whisper, “I’m out of touch.”
The Spirit says, “Christ did atone.”

If you pray, “Grant to me Thy peace,”
The Spirit says, “It is with you.”
If you pray, “May Thy grace not cease.”
The Spirit says, “It’s pure and true.”

If you shout, “I’ll praise forever!”
The Spirit says, “Amen, amen!”
If you shout, “Forsake us never!”
The Spirit says, “Amen, again!”

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