Hymn Text: Cleave to the Ones You Love

Date: May 10th, 2017

Title: Cleave to the Ones You Love

Meter: 6 6 6 6

Topic: fidelity, chastity, family

Cleave to the ones you love
Who’re sealed to you above
True to them and God stay
Let not affections stray.

So think on your loved ones first
And never assume the worst.
Labor hard them to sustain
You shall forever remain.

Give them all your heart and mind.
Each day new joy in them find.
Then let nothing take their place
Nothing else can them replace.

The gift family can be
As the pure fruit of life’s tree.
All the righteous will receive
True family if they believe.

Questions? Comments? Contact: thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com

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