Hymn Text: A Sprout in Sunlight

Title: A Sprout in Sunlight
Meter: Irregular

A sprout grows best in balmy sunlight
It shrinks and shrivels in the shade

In darkness, the branches never grow right
In sunlight, its growth is undelayed

Even with abundant moisture
And sturdy soil and gripping roots

Without sunlight to sustain it
The greatest tree is but a shoot

How near my soul is to the sapling
And hungry for another’s light

Too oft the days are grim and lacking
I thirst and shiver through the night

I wish to grow and stretch my branches
And give to others fruit and shade

Awash in sunlight’s gentle nectar
Rejoicing in the change it’s made.

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Hymn Text: Ledgers of the Heart

Title: Ledgers of the Heart
Meter: Irregular

Every day we keep a ledger
On the sinews of our hearts
Giving and receiving debts
Each person plays a little part

And when we meet we take account
Of every person’s full amount
And slow we are to e’re forget
The smallest of the smallest debt

Every day we keep the ledger
In ebony and crimson ink
A record of our thoughts and actions
Of what we see, and feel, and think

As misers all, and day by day
We demand that every debtor pay
Ignoring still the fact alone
We’re building debts that are our own

If only we would clear the ledger
And every chiseled line forget
And treasure people for their value
And not in terms of petty debt.

A simple act to set us free
From the dread miser’s misery
And then our hearts, uncluttered, bright
Will have more space on which to write.

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Hymn Text: His Names

Title: His Names
Meter: 8 8 8 8 7 7

When guilt and shame bore down on me
A flame as vivid as a coal
Thou brought me shade as a great tree
And came my trouble to console

You eased the burning swelter
I cried and called thee shelter.

And when my best plans went astray
Voiding dreams and squelching hope
You showed to me a better way
And gave me what I needed most

Not a sermon from a preacher
I knelt and called thee teacher.

And when thy blessings fell like snow
To cover up the scars of life
At once I felt my spirit glow
As frost reflects a greater light.

My thanks flowed as river
I praised and called thee giver.
And when my heart was stooped in sin
I wandered errant on the path
My soul malnourished, gaunt and thin
And no clue how to wander back

It was thy voice at last I heard
I came and called thee shepherd.

I kneel and call Thee brother
With joy, I call thee friend
One praise, and then another
A chorus without end

I cry and call thee Master,
In awe I call thee Grace
My guide, my light, my teacher,
The one to take my place.

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Hymn Text: Disillusioned

Title: Disillusioned
Meter: 8 8 8 8

Now let us not be taken in
By the apparent state of things
For that which is of greatest worth
Is valued dross, or so it seems

That, which once was valued pure
Is now regarded as only chains
And in the name of freedom, progress
We crack the whip and drop the reigns

But this is but a fleeting trifle
Illusion blinding only some
A temporary sovereignty
Until the heavenly kingdom come.

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Hymn Text: An Empty Vessel

Title: An Empty Vessel
Meter: Irregular

Remember when life
Has taken its toll
And your heart it empty
When once it was full

The lesson we learn
From a bowl or a pot
Whose worth is derived
From what it is not.

A chest must be hallow
For the treasure it stashes
And an urn must be spacious
To make room for the ashes

A vase with no hole
Isn’t really first rate
And a bowl without space
Is just really a plate.

Don’t weep the fullness
You see as essential
But rather rejoice
In your future potential.

You too are a vessel
Whose maker was skilled
And you first must be empty
Before you are filled!

And maybe before
You were filled to the brim
With the oil of pride
Or foul brew of sin

With the thick stew of anger
Or the liquor of vice
Your vessel is brimming
But heavy’s the price.

For if you keep filling
You’re in for the worst
The contents will spill
Or your vessel will burst

Overflowed with the filthy
It is better by far
To ever be empty
Than to live with the scar

At least when you’re empty
You can start again right
And the space’s not too crowded
To let in the light

And then in those spaces
What treasures you’ll find!
For one first finds the jewels
When the mountain is mined.

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Hymn Text: Order

Title: Order
Meter: Irregular

A leaf blows this way or blows another
A raindrop takes a random course
You meet one person or meet another
But do not see the guiding force.

The gusts of wind are guided breaths
Each grain of sand is placed with care.
The very strings of lives and deaths
Are only partially ours to bear.

Far richer than a symphony
More pieces than a mosaic
More intricate than a tapestry
Are the lives of the prosaic.

Yet things far simpler than our lives
Are great enough to earn his thoughts
Foolish is the one who strives
To fight against the help he’s brought

By one with such perspective
And influence so vast
His loving hand’s directive
Shall guide us home at last.

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Hymn Text: Through Ordinances Divine

Title: Through Ordinances Divine
Meter: 8 6 8 6
Topic: Doctrine and Covenants 84:20-22

God’s power manifests to earth
Thru ordinances divine
From priesthood blessing after birth
To sealing days that shine.

Without the Priesthood’s sealing might
God’s pow’r is never shown
But when He manifests His light
We do not strive alone.

These ordinances allow us then
God’s shining face to see
Even though we know not when
Our meeting sweet will be.

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