Hymn Text: In the Very Hour

Week of June 17th, 2018
Title: In the Very Hour
Meter: 8 8 8 8 9 9
Topic: Father’s Day

In the very hour the storm descends,
A faithful father stands as shield.
He never moves, he never bends,
He will not faint, he will not yield.

In raging storm or awful swelter,
A righteous father is a shelter.

In the very hour his children weep,
A faithful father dries their tears.
He heals their wounds, though they are deep,
Their troubles, patiently he hears.

Through tests and trials of every sort,
A righteous father is a support.

In the very hour he sees a need,
A righteous father stands to do,
To teach, to tend, to plant a seed,
Each wand’ring one he will pursue.

With willing hands and lengthened stride,
A righteous father is a guide.

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Hymn Text: Sustain Us With the Light of Hope

Title: Sustain Us with the Light of Hope
Meter: 8 6 8 6 D

Sustain us with the light of hope,
For otherwise, we fall.
We walk a narrow, mortal rope,
With darkness over all.

Our mortal suff’ring can now cause,
Some travlers to let go.
The light of hope can save because,
It lifts them from below.

Sustain us with the Bread of Life,
For otherwise we faint.
We hunger through this mortal strive,
The dark shows no restraint.
Our mortal hunger can now cause,
Some trav’lers to turn back.
The Bread of Life can save because,
It fills all that they lack.

Sustain us with Thy water pure,
For otherwise, we thirst.
We wither, cannot long endure,
The Adversary’s worst.

Our mortal, thirsting now can cause,
Some trav’lers to lie down.
Thy waters pure can save because,
They heal instead of drown.

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Hymn Text: Righteous Fathers

Week of June 10th, 2018
Title: Righteous Fathers
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D
Topic: Fathers

The father of our mortal race
Was Adam, full of noble grace.
Who blessed his fam’ly through his fall,
That we might come to earth at all.

As Adam, may we rise anew,
Whene’er we fall, God’s will to do.

The father of the cov’nant line,
Was Abraham, who gave the sign,
That he all things would freely give,
Even his son, that all might live.

As Abraham may we give all,
And hearken to God’s ev’ry call.

The father of the chosen tribe,
Was Israel, who did ascribe,
Deliverance to God’s own hand,
And praised all things that God had planned.

As Israel may we believe,
That from God’s hand we will receive.

The Father of us all has sent,
Us fathers in the covenant .
Who like the faithful ones of old,
Lead us with faith into God’s fold.

As righteous fathers everywhere,
Let us the world for Christ prepare.

Hymn Text: A Father’s Keys

Week of June 3rd, 2018
Title: A Father’s Keys
Meter: 8 8 8 8
Topic: Father’s

A righteous father grants his keys
Unto his own posterity,
That they may grow like mighty tree,
And may enjoy prosperity.

The key of wisdom dearly bought,
The key knowledge gained through years,
The key of treasures, which he sought,
The key of insight, gained through tears.

The key of love, through time grown sweet,
The key of faith, through years grown strong,
The key of hope, soon grown complete,
The key of work, though toil grows long.

The key of courage through the night,
The key of loyalty to all,
The key of trusting in God’s might,
The key of rising when we fall.

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