Hymn Text: Lightning and Thunder

Title: Lightning and Thunder
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D

The lightning with its brilliant flash,
The thunder with its mighty crash
Will only for a moment stay
Then just as quickly fade away.

The steady streams of gentle rain
That fall upon the thirsty plain
Will do much more to help things grow
Than all the thunder can bestow.

The learned with his brilliant mind,
The wealthy with his goods combined,
May cry and rant throughout the day,
Then just as quickly fade away.

The steady lives of gentle saints
Who bear their load without complaint
Will do much more to serve our God
Than all the world’s noisy fraud.

The great things of the world appear
To be the ones to love or fear
They stand on no foundation stone
These great and spacious stand alone.

The simple things God takes instead
For they obey when they are led
Just as the Savior’s humble life,
Became the cure for sin and strife.


Hymn Text: I Know Thy Love, O, Father

Title: I Know Thy Love, O, Father
Meter: 7 6 7 6 D

I know Thy love, O, Father,
Is more than I can hold,
I know Thy pow’r, O, Father,
Is more than can be told.

Accept my love, O, Father,
Though it is feeble, small.
Accept my service, Father,
I give Thee now my all.

I know Thy light, O, Father,
Illuminated all lands
I know Thy wisdom, Father,
Creation understands.

Accept my light, O, Father,
Although its glow is dim.
Accept my faith, O, Father,
As Christ leads me to Him.

I know Thy grace, O, Father,
Enables ev’ry soul,
I know Thy Spirit, Father,
Can make each sinner whole.

Accept my hope, O, Father,
That he may yet refine.
Accept my pray’rs, O, Father,
That I may be divine.

Hymn Text: Everyone You Meet

Title: Everyone You Meet
Meter: 10 8 10 8 D

Remember that everyone you meet
Can someday become as God.
For someday their journey will be complete
As seeds once they break through the sod.

So I will remember today to treat
Each brother or sister divine.
With charity for everyone I meet
One with God’s glory may shine.

No matter how lowly they may appear
Each one is a vessel of light.
Each one is a part of His flock most dear,
Created by His holy might.

So I will remember today to treat
Each brother or sister divine.
With charity for everyone I meet
One with God’s glory may shine.

Hymn Text: A Constant and Loving Guide

Title: A Constant and Loving Guide
Meter: 8 8 8 8

The Christ is not a distant friend
Who waits to meet me at the end.
But one who travels by my side
A constant and a loving guide.

His grace does not come when I try
To use up all my own supply,
Instead it daily grows, provides,
Whatever strength the Lord decides.

His blood not only pays a part,
For those who come with broken heart,
The debts that would cause me to fall,
Are soon erased; He paid them all.

His light is not a distant glow
That someday at the end I’ll know
But one that guides me through the dark,
More vibrant than a fire’s spark.

Hymn Text: I Offer Up

Title: I Offer Up
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D

I tremble, for I need a feast
To feed the hunger of the day
But find that I possess the least:
Five loaves, three fish, and my dismay,

I offer up these scraps to Him
And trust that He will soon provide.
My baskets fill up to the brim,
As does the faith I feel inside.

I falter as I faint with thirst
And find each other well run dry,
I turn unto my Savior first,
To drink from His divine supply.

I offer up my cup to Him
Whose grace flows as a living well.
My vessel fills up to the brim,
As does my hope; I feel it swell.

I wander, for I cannot see
And stumble through the misty night,
I long for all I hope to be
If I could simply find the light.

I offer up my heart to Him.
His light descends as healing rain.
My soul is filled up to the brim,
Until no shred of dark remains.

Hymn Text: My Many Mortal Blessings

Title: My Mortal Blessings
Meter: 7 6 7 6 D

My many mortal blessings,
Are given me to serve.
But often I bestow them,
A place they don’t deserve.

When they should be servants,
I let them take control.
Then they rule as masters
To lead away my soul.

My many mortal wonders
Allow me to impact
The lives of many others
But they too may distract.

When they should be tools,
I let them rule my day.
I must use them in wisdom,
Or cast them all away.

My many mortal treasures
Can be a way to bless,
And ease the pain of others,
But they too may distress.

When they should be blessings
I let them be my goal.
True treasures lie in heaven,
Where happiness is whole.

Hymn Text: The War in Heaven Continues Today

The war fought in Heaven continues today
And although the victor is sure,
The Devil still strives to lead spirits astray
And so we must daily endure.

We choose through our thoughts, our desires and deeds,
The master and cause we revere.
Our Savior will reach out His hands as He pleads,
Each day that we’ll choose to draw near.

No spirit can strive without feeling the sting
From fiery darts of our foes.
Our Savior will gather us under His wing,
And shield us from those who oppose.

The battle will never be won by the side
Who will not bear trials or pain.
For God all the strength for the fight will provide,
Will bless us when feeling the rain.

The war fought in Heaven will soon have an end
With evil cast out to its place.
The Father His peace on the world will send,
And fill ev’ry land with His grace.

Until He arrives, we must never retreat,
Though evil may rage and deceive,
We only are lost if we choose our defeat
We win if we strive and believe.