Book of Mormon Hymns

1 Nephi

1 Nephi 1: Goodly Parents 

1 Nephi 2: The River and the Valley

1 Nephi 3: No Obstacle

1 Nephi 4: Led by the Spirit

1 Nephi 5: God’s Word 

1 Nephi 6: The Fullness of Mine Intent

1 Nephi 7: Deliver Me 

1 Nephi 8:  Now That I’ve Tasted 

1 Nephi 9: The Purposes of God 

1 Nephi 10: Scattered, Then Gathered 

1 Nephi 11: I Know that He Loveth His Children

1 Nephi 12: Great Was the Fall Thereof

1 Nephi 13: The Spirit Rests on Those God Needs 

1 Nephi 14: Two Kingdoms

1 Nephi 15: Have Ye Inquired of the Lord?

1 Nephi 16: The Truth 

1 Nephi 17: Crossing the Sea 

1 Nephi 18: I Praise Him All the Day Long

1 Nephi 19: I Liken Them Unto Myself

1 Nephi 20: The Furnace of Affliction

1 Nephi 21: I’ve Graven You

1 Nephi 22:  The Righteous Need Not Fear

2 Nephi 

2 Nephi 1: Arise from the Dust

2 Nephi 2: Adam Fell that Men Might Be

2 Nephi 3: Stick of Joseph, Stick of Judah

2 Nephi 4: My God Hath Been My Support

2 Nephi 5: Sacred Memories 

2 Nephi 6: We Wait on the Lord 

2 Nephi 7: The Wicked Could Never Confound My Lord 

2 Nephi 8: Return with Singing

2 Nephi 9: The Two Plans

2 Nephi 10:I Would Today Be Reconciled

2 Nephi 11: My Soul Delighteth

2 Nephi 12: Come to the Temple

2 Nephi 13: Think Upon That Day

2 Nephi 14: A Refuge from the Storm and Rain

2 Nephi 15: The Servants of God 

2 Nephi 16: Send Me, O Lord

2 Nephi 17: The Holy Sign

2 Nephi 18: Seek Unto the God of the Living

2 Nephi 19: The Joy of the Harvest

2 Nephi 20: The Ax Cannot Boast 

2 Nephi 21: Ye Outcasts of Israel 

2 Nephi 22: Salvation’s Well 

2 Nephi 23: Gather Safe in Zion’s Walls

2 Nephi 24: Broken and Bound Up 

2 Nephi 25: My Soul Delighteth in Plainness

2 Nephi 26: The Voices Whisper from the Dust

2 Nephi 27: A Sealed Book 

2 Nephi 28: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry 

2 Nephi 29: A Bible, A Bible

2 Nephi 30: The Wolf Shall Lie Down with the Lamb 

2 Nephi 31: Come and Feast

2 Nephi 32: The Spirit Teacheth Us to Pray 

2 Nephi 33: The Words of Christ 


Jacob 1: Enter in His Rest

Jacob 2: Seek the Kingdom of God 

Jacob 3: Ye May Feast on His Love

Jacob 4:  The Sacrifice 

Jacob 5: An Army of Angels

Jacob 6: The Final Time 

Jacob 7: Oh, Be Wise


Enos 1: The Story of Enos


Jarom 1: Look Forward to the Messiah


Omni 1: Offer Up Your Whole Souls 

Words of Mormon

Words of Mormon 1: For a Wise Purpose


Mosiah 1: Our Names will Not Be Blotted Out 

Mosiah 2: The Blessed and Happy State

Mosiah 3: The Natural Man’s an Enemy to God

Mosiah 4: Are We Not All Beggars? 

Mosiah 5: What Greater Name

Mosiah 6: Write Your Name with His 

Mosiah 7: Turn to the Lord 

Mosiah 8: Through Faith 

Mosiah 9: Embrace the Holy Word 

Mosiah 10: Traditions of Our Fathers

Mosiah 11: The Story of Abinadi

Mosiah 12: The Founder of Peace

Mosiah 13: The Ten Commandments

Mosiah 14: I Did, Too

Mosiah 15: The Watchman Blows the Trumpet Loud

Mosiah 16: Our Savior Knows 

Mosiah 17: He Sealed His Testimony

Mosiah 18: If You Now Desire to Enter God’s Fold 

Mosiah 19: Stand for Your Family

Mosiah 20: Like Dragons Fight

Mosiah 21: I Sit in Ashes

Mosiah 22: The Holy Path of Light

Mosiah 23: No Person is More Precious

Mosiah 24: Easing My Burden

Mosiah 25: The Immediate Goodness of God 

Mosiah 26: A Place at the Right Hand of God

Mosiah 27: Esteem Your Neighbor as Yourself

Mosiah 28: Declare Salvation to Each Soul 

Mosiah 29: Raise Your Voice for What is Right


Alma 1: No Respecter of Persons

Alma 2: Sustain My Life 

Alma 3: A Blessing or a Curse

Alma 4:It is Time to Do God’s Will 

Alma 5: The Song of Redeeming Love 

Alma 6: Return Their Souls to Thee 

Alma 7:  Pains, Temptations of Every Kind 

Alma 8: The Story of Alma and Amulek

Alma 9: Not Many Days Hence 

Alma 10:  The Mysteries and Marvelous Power of God 

Alma 11: From Our Sins

Alma 12: Now is the Time to Prepare

Alma 13: Thou Wast Chosen 

Alma 14: The Sun Shines Yet

Alma 15: My Sins Have Laid Me Low

Alma 16: Prepare the Ground 

Alma 17: Wax Strong

Alma 18: He Looketh on the Hearts of Men 

Alma 19: O Blessed Jesus 

Alma 20: In the Strength of the Lord 

Alma 21: Thy Spirit

Alma 22: What Shall I Do?

Alma 23: Like Nephi and Like Lehi

Alma 24: Into the Earth

Alma 25: Salvation Comes Not By the Law

Alma 26: Who Can Thank the Lord Enough? 

Alma 27: Swallowed Up in Heaven’s Joy

Alma 28: Come and Labor

Alma 29: I Do Not Glory in Myself

Alma 30: The Story of Korihor

Alma 31: Bring Their Souls Again to Thee

Alma 32: Our Faith Must Not Remain a Seed

Alma 33: I Turn to Thee in Pray’r

Alma 34: How Deep, How Vast!

Alma 35: A Hardened Heart

Alma 36: The Story of Alma the Younger

Alma 37: Learn Wisdom in Thy Youth

Alma 38: Bridle Your Passions

Alma 39: Take Up Your Cross

Alma 40: A Prison or a Paradise

Alma 41: Wickedness Never Was Happiness 

Alma 42: Mercy and Justice 

Alma 43: A Better Cause 

Alma 44: All Evil Things Cannot Destroy 

Alma 45: Not in the Least Degree

Alma 46: Send Me, oh, Lord!

Alma 47: By Degrees

Alma 48: If All Were As Moroni

Alma 49: Protected By God’s Armor

Alma 50: The Eyes of Justice

Alma 51: Hoist the Title of Liberty 

Alma 52: You May Reclaim What You Have Lost

Alma 53:  The Story of the Stripling Warriors

Alma 54: The Sword of God’s Justice 

Alma 55: What Boundless Joy

Alma 56:  Their Mother’s Knew It

Alma 57: Exact Obedience

Alma 58: I Pour Out My Soul in Prayer 

Alma 59: The Seeds of Faith for Daily Bread 

Alma 60: Awake from Every Thoughtless State

Alma 61: Now Let Us Resist All the Forces of Evil 

Alma 62: Flock to the Standard of Freedom 

Alma 63: These Sacred Treasures 


Helman 1: Our Weakest Place

Helman 2: The Secret Combinations

Helman 3: A Hundreth Part 

Helman 4: Make Me a Temple Pure

Helman 5: The Storms of Life 

Helman 6: I Offer My Heart

Helman 7: How Could You Forget the Lord?

Helman 8: All Things Denote

Helman 9: What Will It Take to Plant Faith’s Seed? 

Helman 10: Sealed on Earth, Sealed in Heaven

Helman 11: Turn Away. Thy Anger, Lord

Helman 12: How Easily We Turn!

Helman 13: Seek the Many Signs

Helman 14: The Story of Samuel the Lamanite 

Helman 15: Within the Latter Times

Helman 16: The Signs of Our Day

3rd Nephi 

3rd Nephi 1: Watch Steadfastly to the Sky

3rd Nephi 2: Unless I Take the Savior’s Hand

3rd Nephi 3: I Fortify My Faith

3rd Nephi 4: Our Hearts are Swollen Full with Joy

3rd Nephi 5: Every Quarter of the Earth

3rd Nephi 6: He Who Raises Himself

3rd Nephi 7: How Swiftly

3rd Nephi 8: The Light

3rd Nephi 9: My Offering

3rd Nephi 10: How Oft Would the Lord Us Gather

3rd Nephi 11: Behold Jesus Christ

3rd Nephi 12: Be Ye Therefore Perfect

3rd Nephi 13: Treasures in Heaven 

3rd Nephi 14: The Mote and the Beam 

3rd Nephi 15: Another Fold 

3rd Nephi 16: Gathered to the Fold 

3rd Nephi 17: Behold Your Little Ones 

3rd Nephi 18: Pray Always to the Father 

3rd Nephi 19: Let Thy Countenance Shine On Us

3rd Nephi 20: Sacred Symbols

3rd Nephi 21: A Marvelous Work 

3rd Nephi 22: God’s Kindness Shall Ever Remain

3rd Nephi 23: All Scriptures in One

3rd Nephi 24: Packets of Light 

3rd Nephi 25: Our Holy Purpose

3rd Nephi 26: On Resurrection’s Morn

3rd Nephi 27: Repent and Be Baptized 

3rd Nephi 28: We Too May Build God’s Kingdom

3rd Nephi 29: All Miracles Persist Today

3rd Nephi 30: Repent Now and Turn

4th Nephi 

4th Nephi 1: Happiness Can Grow 


Mormon 1: Quick to Observe 

Mormon 2: The Day of Grace

Mormon 3: When Heaven Grants to You a Chance

Mormon 4: The Tongue Cannot Describe

Mormon 5: Do Not Forget, Ye Child of God 

Mormon 6: Oh, Ye Fair Ones

Mormon 7: Ye Are of Israel 

Mormon 8: Those Still Incomplete

Mormon 9: God Ceases Never to Be God


Ether 1: I Will Go Before Thy Face

Ether 2: Call on the Name of the Lord 

Ether 3: The Story of the Jaredites 

Ether 4: Rend that Veil of Unbelief

Ether 5: The Testimony of Three

Ether 6: Traveling to Our Promised Land

Ether 7: Spared and Prospered

Ether 8: Works in Secret 

Ether 9: The Spirit is Poured on the Promised Land

Ether 10: Work to Do

Ether 11: Repent Today

Ether 12: An Anchor to Our Souls

Ether 13: The New Jerusalem

Ether 14: The Harder that We Grasp 

Ether 15: The Spirit of the Lord will Strive


Moroni 1: The Story of Mormon and Moroni

Moroni 2: Recieve the Holy Ghost

Moroni 3:  The Footprints of God’s Son

Moroni 4: Always Remember Him 

Moroni 5: Let Us Remember Him 

Moroni 6: Whenever the Spirit 

Moroni 7: What Is It That Ye Shall Hope For

Moroni 8: Little Children 

Moroni 9: A Labor to Perform 

Moroni 10: And When Ye Shall Recieve These Things