Hymn Texts

Hymn Texts

NOTE: All the texts I post should be considered a work in progress. They may be updated from time to time as I work on them. I am always open to feedback as well.

You can search the hymn texts posted on the site in the following ways:

Older Hymn Texts (Before 2017)

2017 Hymn Texts 

2018 Hymn Texts 

Doctrinal/Scripture Mastery Hymn Texts 

Children’s Song Texts 

The following pages contain all of the previous texts sorted in different ways:

Hymn texts by topic

Hymn texts by meter

Hymn texts by title

Works in Progress 

For the following texts, I have created a melody that can be used to create a full arrangement:

Works in Progress

If you would like to adapt any of these texts, please contact me at thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com.