2018 Hymn Texts

Special Topic Hymn Texts (2018)

January: New Year Texts

Week of December 31st: Past, Present, and Future
Week of January 7th: Our Father Loves Us Still
Week of January 14th: A New Creation 
Week of January 21st: Another Year Has Come and Gone 
Week of January 28th: When Heaven Seems Too Far Away

February: Baptism Texts 

Week of February 4th: Our Baptism Day
Week of February 11th: In Sight of God
Week of February 18th: Cleansed By God
Week of February 25th: Through Baptism 

March: Easter Texts

Week of March 4th: The Sting of Death 
Week of March 11th: Without Easter
Week of March 18th: How Deep, How Vast!
Week of March 25th: A Shepherd and a Lamb

April: Easter Texts

Week of April 1st: (General Conference)
As Many Chances
A Thousand Times 
Behold the Man 
He Gave Us That We Recieve All
No One Can Take Your Witness True
Offspring of the King of Heaven
The Prophet Stands Beside Us 
The Spirit’s Roots
We Belong Unto Each Other 
We Live with Lively Hope 
We Stand in Holy Places 
What Will Your Seeking Find?
Week of April 8th: On Both Sides of the Veil 
Week of April 15th: On Easter, 
The Holy Ghost Attends
Week of April 23rd: Save Us Still
Week of April 30th: Three Times 
Let Me Think of Easter 

May: Texts about Mothers

Week of May 6th: His Mother 
Week of May 13th: Our Mother Eve
Week of May 20th: A Mother’s Faith
Week of May 27th: A Mother’s Heart

June: Texts about Fathers

Week of June 3rd: Righteous Fathers
Week of June 10th: A Father’s Keys
Sustain Us With the Light of Hope
Week of June 17th: In the Very Hour 
Week of June 24th: One Perfect Father
There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart 

July: Misc Texts 
Week of July 1st: Our Memories of Heaven
Now I am God’s and He is Mine 
Week of July 8th: In a Coming Day 
O Great and Holy Savior
All Nations to One Fold Belong
Three Kingdoms
Week of July 15th: Help Me, Lord, to Scale the Mountain
It’s Not for Us to Judge
Week of July 22nd: The Last Days Have Arrived 
O, Lord, Accept My Offering
Our Spirits in This World are Not at Home

Week of July 29th:When All Shall Be Restored
Wise, Not Foolish
Their Precious Cost
The Lord’s Bounty
Behold, Your Little Ones
The Final Time

August: Baptism 

Week of August 5th: A New Life
Our Mortal Race

Week of August 12th: A Holy Light
A New Heart
Make Me More 
I Know I Chose Jesus Then 

Week of August 19th: God Walks With Me
Patterns of Prayer 
Faith and Works 
Our Home in Heaven Dear 
The Prophets
The Power of Faith 
No Greater Work 

Week of August 26th: 
The Church Must Bear Christ’s Name 
Living Waters
Seasons of Faith 

September: Texts for Funerals

Week of September 2nd: But What Waits
Will You Believe? 
His Sacrifice

Week of September 9th: Death Cannot Take 
When We Cry, “O, Father!
The Work in Zion
He Changes Not 

Week of September 16th: Do Not Mourn Long
All Children are Alive in Christ
The Worth of Trials
What Will I Change?
All of Heaven We Have Below

Week of September 23rd: The Coming Morn
A Famine of the Word of God 
I Can Do Hard Things
I Consecrate My Soul to Thee
Then It’s Time to Pray 

Week of September 30th: How Sweet the Struggle
Only Love
The Talents
Is Christ a Stranger? 
Who Else?

Week of October 7th:

General Conference:
Whatever Jesus Touches
I Know That I Am Broken
God Magnifies Our Offering
The Flood of Faith
The Covenant Path
Our Homes Are Sanctuaries
Do Not Fear, My Little Flock
A Tapestry of Truth
Gathered to the Fold
Seeds of Love
God’s Own Heir
Place in Your Soul
Ambassadors of Christ
He Travels With Us
We Take the Savior’s Name
We Are Not Destroyed

Week of October 14th
What Price?
The Precious Cornerstone of Christ

Week of October 21st 
I Ponder on God’s Gifts 
I Consecrate to Thee 

Week of October 28th 
We Brave the Storm
With Healing in Thy Wings
Let Your Life Shine Forth Today
I’ll Seek to Reach the One
Summon Your Courage
Through Faith Alone
As I Approach the Throne of Grace
The Founder of Peace

Week of November 4th
God Will Triumph Over All
The Treasures of God Love
Another Fold
The Restoration Marches On
We May Follow the Shepherd
Lord, Let My Guilt Be Swept Away
God’s Precious Gifts

Week of November 11th 
A Testimony of My Very Own
Jesus Knows Me
The Ground of Gratitude 

Week of November 18th 
Our Gratitude Makes Each Life Sweet 
God’s Daily Mercies 
I Pledge to Love

Week of November 25th
Dear Mourner, Dry Your Tears
The Advent of Grace
The Holy Ghost Binds Us to God
Encircled in the Arms of Safety

Week of December 2nd

The Spirit Rests Upon My Lord 

Week of December 9th
A Perfect Lamb
No Greater Wonder 
The Gift of Love at Christmastime
We Kneel Beside Thy Bed in Awe 
The Holy Star of Bethlehem

Week of December 16

I Cannot Know

Could This Be He?

Week of December 23rd

My Faith Will Not Be Moved

The Beauty of a Laden Tree

Believe in God

Only the Manger Matters

A Work in Progress

Week of December 30th

At the End of the Day

Special Occasion Texts

In honor of President Thomas S. Monson:

God Welcomes His Servants Back Home
Only God Knows