2017 Hymn Texts

Year of Hymn Texts (2017)

Jan 1: A New Beginning
Jan 2: The Father’s Vision
Jan 3: Weep for a While Only 
Jan 4: I Have Taken On Thy Name
Jan 5: We Are the Sum 
Jan 6: The Wise Men
Jan 7: Our Sisters and Brothers
Jan 8: The Strait and Narrow Path 
Jan 9: Our Savior Knows
Jan 10: Take Time to be Thankful 
Jan 11: What Faith Can
Jan 12: The Windows of Heaven
Jan 13: Wishing for Change
Jan 14: In This World 
Jan 15: Though I Have Not Seen God’s Face
Jan 16: Fear and Faith Cannot Exist Together 
Jan 17: Little Children
Jan 18: When We Offer Our Hearts to God 
Jan 19:  When You Don’t Understand 
Jan 20: Mercy for Others
Jan 21: Help Me Accept What I Can’t Change
Jan 22: Many a Day
Jan 23: Missing the Mark
Jan 24: Their Mothers Knew It 
Jan 25: Through a Glass Darkly 
Jan 26: Though I Am One of Many
Jan 27: A Treasure Above All Others
Jan 28: Success at Home
Jan 29: Be Still and Know
Jan 30: Wanderers Below
Jan 31: Peace, Be Still

Feb 1: Packets of Light
Feb 2: We Fought for Agency 
Feb 3:  Love Never Fails 
Feb 4: Clean and Pure
Feb 5: All Those Who Seek God’s Face
Feb 6: Doubt Your Doubts
Feb 7: The Growing Seed
Feb 8: The Other Pioneers
Feb 9: Faith Is Our Teacher
Feb 10: Worthiness
Feb 11: Lord, May I Not Forget
Feb 12: No Purer Love 
Feb 13: True Love
Feb 14: Love Is a Daily Choice
Feb 15: God Looks Upon the Heart
Feb 16: God’s Love Provides
Feb 17: When I Turn Away
Feb 18: Love Never Fails
Feb 19: Only God’s Grace
Feb 20: What All The World Calls Happiness
Feb 21: As We Should See
Feb 22: Some Souls
Feb 23: Our Heavenly Father Sees 
Feb 24: The Well of Faith
Feb 25: We Can Be Still and Know 
Feb 26: Heal My Heart
Feb 27: The Weather of the Soul 
Feb 28: Turn to Prayer

March 1st: Christ’s Example
March 2nd: The Gift of Agency 
March 3rd: Preserving Freedom
March 4th: Born of Water and of Spirit
March 5th: Raise Your Voice for Good 
March 6th: How Many Days?
March 7th: Waiting on the Lord
March 8th: Another Week
March 9th: Pursuing Perfection
March 10th: The Mote and the Beam
March 11th: The Saints Will Know the Season
March 12th: Do Not Put Off for Tomorrow
March 13th: Never Too Far
March 14th: The Good Samaritan 
March 15th: Each Year
March 16th: To Serve the One 
March 17th: Not By Chance
March 18th: To Prove Ourselves
March 19th: Do Not Wish Another Life
March  20th: That Which Was Lost
March 21st: What We Have Become
March 22nd: What Greater Name?
March 23rd: Are We Not All Beggars?
March 24th: Lord, Grant Us 
March 25th: At the Last Day
March 26th: From a Single Prayer
March 27th:  Trust in the Words of Prophets
March 28th: The World Offers Sandy Foundations
March 29th:  Am I Enough?
March 30th: The New Jerusalem
March 31st: We Add Our Voices

April 1st: Gather to Zion
April 2nd: Represent the Master
April 3rd: Molding a Masterpiece
April 4th: Our Father Supports Us
April 5th: A Sliver of Gethsemane
April 6th: This Life is Worth Living
April 7th: Mortal Milestones
April 8th: I Now Submit My Will to Thee
April 9th: God Does Not Hate the Sinner
April 10th: If You Feel Forsaken
April 11th: The Plan for Everyone
April 12th: Turn to the Light
April 13th: Who Can Boast in God to Excess?
April 14th: Let Christ the Lord Alone Be Judge
April 15th: The Savior of the One
April 16th: The Living Christ
April 17th: Christ Took It All
April 18th: Grant Us, Lord
April 19th: Our God Never Gives Us the Spirit of Fear
April 20th: Our Spirit’s Tapestry
April 21st: Time is the Greatest Gift
April 22nd: We Can Overcome All Things
April 23rd: Kindness Refines 
April 24th: Our Faith is Never Static 
April 25th: When My Soul Thirsts
April 26th:  The Span of God’s Plan
April 27th: God’s Kingdom Will Not Fall
April 28th: No One Knows Tomorrow
April 29th: I Leave Renewed
April 30th:  The Steadiness of God

May 1st: Within God’s Choir
May 2nd: The Savior Sees
May 3rd: Choosing a Path
May 4th: Peace is the Precious Fruit
May 5th: Look Not Behind Thee
May 6th: Though We’re Broken Vessels
May 7th: A Testimony of Our Own
May 8th: Our God is Ever True
May 9th: I Will Not Fail
May 10th: Cleave to the Ones You Love
May 11th: Every Neighbor Bears a Burden
May 12th:  Let Virtue Garnish
May 13th:  Angels See Our Actions
May 14th:  Our Mother
May 15th: Our Every Sacrifice
May 16th: There is Only One
May 17th: You Cannot Serve God and Mammon
May 18th: Contention Grows Like Bitter Weeds
May 19th: As Stars Send Us Their Distant Light
May 20th: The World Thinks It’s Wise
May 21st: How Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
May 22nd: Blessed Are All Those Who Mourn
May 23rd: Blessed Are the Meek
May 24th: Thy Living Bread
May 25th: Blessed Are Those Who Mercy Gain
May 26th: The Prince of Peace
May 27th: Bearing Christ’s Cross
May 28th: The Godhead
May 29th: Adam’s Fall
May 30th: All Mankind May Be Saved
May 31st: The First Four Steps

June 1st: By Power Divine
June 2nd: The Church Today is the Same Way
June 3rd: The Gifts of God are Many
June 4th: One in Our Hand
June 5th: What God Has Revealed
June  6th: This Earth was Once a Paradise
June 7th: We Claim Our Conscience
June 8th: Eternal Laws
June 9th: We Seek the Best
June 10th:  Though You May Not Know Before
June 11th: To Be Spiritually Minded
June 12th: Oh, Be Wise
June 13th: Lord, Sweep My Sins Away
June 14th: Look Forward to the Messiah
June 15th: We Offer Our Whole Souls
June 16th: For a Wise Purpose
June 17th: The Blessed and Happy State
June 18th: Redemption’s Song
June 19th: The Storms of Life
June 20th: How Oft Would the Lord Us Gather?
June 21st:  Happiness Can Grow
June 22nd: Oh, You Fair Ones
June 23rd: An Anchor to Our Souls
June 24th: Before God’s Pleasing Bar
June 25th: The Gospel Pure is Perfect
June 26th: If You Resist the Devil
June 27th: The Holy Spirit
June 28th: Our Faith Must Not Remain a Seed
June 29th: Our Freedom
June 30th: Fear Cannot Change Our Hearts

July 1st: If You Don’t Stand, Then Who?
July 2nd: The Righteous Need Not Fear
July 3rd: Pride Comes and then the Fall
July 4th: The War for Agency
July 5th: The Sheep and the Goats
July 6th: The Watchman Blows the Trumpet Loud
July 7th: With Wonder Filled
July 8th: Follow the Creator, Not the Crowd
July 9th: Service in the Vineyard
July 10th: We Hold to Eternity
July 11th: What We Choose to Be
July 12th: In Christ, You Shall Have Peace
July 13th: Look Up
July 14th: God’s Children
July 15th: I Thought I Knew
July 16th: The Gospel Language
July 17th: True Happiness Can Be Found
July 18th: Those Who Overcome the World
July 19th: What Greater Peace?
July 20th: God Wants Our Will
July 21st: It is Not Enough
July 22nd: The Cost of Righteousness
July 23rd: Our Wages
July 24th: Our Willing Savior
July 25th: When We Fall Short
July 26th: If Only I Could Speak
July 27th: Truth Will Not Lead You To Error
July 28th: Come to the Christ Divine
July 29th: I Trust I Made the Better Choice
July 30th: Our Father Sent Us Here to Serve
July 31st: Mortality is a Teacher

August 1st: Lord, Magnify My Offering
August 2nd: Till My Mission’s Complete 
August 3rd: We Dedicate Our Homes to Thee
August 4th: We See Only Through a Glass Darkly
August 5th: The Mighty Tree
August 6th: Savor the Journey
August 7th: The Rest of the Lord
August 8th: Treasures in Heaven
August 9th: In God’s Kingdom
August 10th: His Lambs
August 11th: Some Days
August 12th: Come and Feast
August 13th: The Power of the Lord
August 14th: All People Are God’s Children
August 15th: When Questions in My Soul Arise
August 16th: When Faith Stirs our Sails
August 17th: I Only Wish
August 18th: It Leads Us Home to Him
August 19th: Reaching for Thee
August 20th: I Chase That Star 
August 21st: Darkness Cannot Vanquish the Light
August 22nd: If Ever
August 23rd: Today I’ll Grow
August 24th: A Sanguine Flower
August 25th: Today I Will Endure
August 26th: I Ponder Today
August 27th: Let the Lord Still the Waves
August 28th: Some Days the Sky is Clear
August 29th: All Things Belong to Him on High
August 30th: When Christ Shall Descend
August 31st: Mortality’s a Gift

September 1st: No Storm Lasts Forever
September 2nd: Find It in the Home
September 3rd: True Love is Our Cornerstone
September 4th: The Wisdom of the Lord
September 5th: The Blessings of God
September 6th: We Now Retreat Within Our Souls
September 7th:  Our Souls Here are Not at Home
September 8th: Take the Holy Ghost Along
September 9th: To What You Have Become
September 10th: It Matters Not 
September 11th: I Would Align My Will With Thee
September 12th: True Knowledge Follows Faith
September 13th: When Obedience Becomes a Quest
September 14th: We are Not Nothing to Him
September 15th: How Great it Was
September 16th: This is What the World Needs
September 17th: Choose Your Love and Love Your Choice
September 18th: Happiness is What Happens Within
September 19th: Stick of Joseph, Stick of Judah
September 20th: In the Refiner’s Fire
September 21st: Our Celestial Home 
September 22nd: I Will Only Give My Best
September 23rd: How Joy Comes
September 24th: The Spirit’s Light 
September 25th: The Holy Ghost Within
September 26th: Faith is a Power
September 27th: Are Those That You Allow
September 28th: In God’s House
September 29th: All Things Denote
September 30th: God Has But One Objective

October 1st: There Never Was Such News
October 2nd: By Faith
October 3rd: Who Needs Me Today?
October 4th: The Greatest Form of Charity
October 5th: God is in Control
October 6th: A Prayer Away
October 7th: The Race Against Sin
October 8th: The Higher Law
October 9th: Those Who Need Us
October 10th: The Keystone of Our Testimony
October 11th: The Righteous Rise Again
October 12th: Disciples Swim Upstream 
October 13th: The Eternal Chain 
October 14th: Taking on Christ’s Name 
October 15th: Nothing Can Up Separate
October 16th: Life’s Race
October 17th: I Did Too
October 18th: Our Homes Can Be
October 19th: The Gospel Ship
October 20th: God’s Holy Day 
October 21st: Do Not Fear
October 22nd: The Lord Has More in Mind For You
October 23rd: He Knows
October 24th: Passing Through
October 25th: Look Beyond
October 26th: Choose the Harder Right
October 27th: Grasp the Opportunity
October 28th: Maintaining a Testimony
October 29th: How Swiftly
October 30th: Do We Trust the Lord Enough?
October 31st: All Things Renew

November 1st: Who Can Thank the Lord Enough?
November 2nd: Perfection is Still Pending
November 3rd: The Trek Continues Today
November 4th: Put Jesus at the Center Place
November 5th: Each Generation Has a Test
November 6th: A Single Soul
November 7th: May Righteousness Sink Deep
November 8th: Heaven Calls
November 9th: Why Do We Risk Eternal Life?
November 10th: The Greater Debt
November 11th: We’re Not Hypocrites, We’re Human
November 12th: The Sunset
November 13th: Two Masters
November 14th: Truth Mandates our Allegiance
November 15th: Not That Road
November 16th: Service is Celestial
November 17th: The Unfamiliar Path
November 18th: A Zion People
November 19th: The Anthem of the Restoration
November 20th: God’s Tools
November 21st: Incorporating Christ
November 22nd: God’s Armor
November 23rd: How Great a Gift is Gratitude
November 24th: Commandments Are Not Curses
November 25th: Surely, We Knew
November 26th: Service
November 27th: The Human Family
November 28th: Faith’s Way
November 29th: Faith is a Principle of Power
November 30th: Achieving the Peak

December 1st: Son of God, Sign of Love
December 2nd: The King Came as a Lamb
December 3rd: Good Tidings, Glad Tidings
December 4th: Three Gifts
December 5th: How Precious Truth Is
December 6th: The Condescension of God
December 7th: Prepare Him Room
December 8th: His Best Gift
December 9th: Light the World
December 10th: The Shepherd’s Witness
December 11th: That Holy Night
December 12th: Through Thousands of Years 
December 13th: It is Time 
December 14th: As a Shepherd
December 15th: This Purest Lamb
December 16th: Peace on Earth
December 17th: Christmas Symbols
December 18th: The Greatest Wonder
December 19th: A Welcoming Fitting for a King
December 20th: Symphony of Joy
December 21st: The Longest Night
December 22nd: Sharing the Light
December 23rd: At Last at Peace
December 24th: The Prophets Foretell
December 25th: He is the Gift
December 26th: Not Every Night
December 27th: The Gospel’s Guiding Star
December 28th: God’s Rest
December 29th: Now is the Time to Prepare
December 30th: Don’t Give In
December 31: How Blessed Are They Who Overcome