Hymns by Date

Year of Hymn Texts (2017)

Jan 1: A New Beginning
Jan 2: The Father’s Vision
Jan 3: Weep for a While Only 
Jan 4: I Have Taken On Thy Name
Jan 5: We Are the Sum 
Jan 6: The Wise Men
Jan 7: Our Sisters and Brothers
Jan 8: The Strait and Narrow Path 
Jan 9: Our Savior Knows
Jan 10: Take Time to be Thankful 
Jan 11: What Faith Can
Jan 12: The Windows of Heaven
Jan 13: Wishing for Change
Jan 14: In This World 
Jan 15: Though I Have Not Seen God’s Face
Jan 16: Fear and Faith Cannot Exist Together 
Jan 17: Little Children
Jan 18: When We Offer Our Hearts to God 
Jan 19:  When You Don’t Understand 
Jan 20: Mercy for Others
Jan 21: Help Me Accept What I Can’t Change
Jan 22: Many a Day
Jan 23: Missing the Mark
Jan 24: Their Mothers Knew It 
Jan 25: Through a Glass Darkly 
Jan 26: Though I Am One of Many
Jan 27: A Treasure Above All Others
Jan 28: Success at Home
Jan 29: Be Still and Know
Jan 30: Wanderers Below
Jan 31: Peace, Be Still

Feb 1: Liken the Scriptures 
Feb 2: We Fought for Agency 
Feb 3:  Love Never Fails 
Feb 4: Clean and Pure
Feb 5: All Those Who Seek God’s Face
Feb 6: Doubt Your Doubts
Feb 7: The Growing Seed
Feb 8: The Other Pioneers
Feb 9: Faith Is Our Teacher
Feb 10: Worthiness
Feb 11: Lord, May I Not Forget
Feb 12: No Purer Love 
Feb 13: True Love
Feb 14: Love Is a Daily Choice
Feb 15: God Looks Upon the Heart
Feb 16: God’s Love Provides
Feb 17: When I Turn Away
Feb 18: Love Never Fails
Feb 19: Only God’s Grace
Feb 20: What All The World Calls Happiness
Feb 21: As We Should See
Feb 22: Some Souls
Feb 23: Our Heavenly Father Sees 
Feb 24: The Well of Faith
Feb 25: We Can Be Still and Know 
Feb 26: Heal My Heart
Feb 27: The Weather of the Soul 
Feb 28: Turn to Prayer

March 1st: Christ’s Example
March 2nd: The Gift of Agency 
March 3rd: Preserving Freedom
March 4th: Born of Water and of Spirit
March 5th: Raise Your Voice for Good 
March 6th: How Many Days?
March 7th: Waiting on the Lord
March 8th: Another Week
March 9th: Pursuing Perfection
March 10th: The Mote and the Beam
March 11th: The Saints Will Know the Season
March 12th: Do Not Put Off for Tomorrow
March 13th: Never Too Far
March 14th: The Good Samaritan 
March 15th: Each Year
March 16th: To Serve the One 
March 17th: Not By Chance
March 18th: To Prove Ourselves
March 19th: Do Not Wish Another Life
March  20th: That Which Was Lost
March 21st: What We Have Become
March 22nd: What Greater Name?
March 23rd: Are We Not All Beggars?
March 24th: Lord, Grant Us 
March 25th: At the Last Day
March 26th: From a Single Prayer
March 27th:  Trust in the Words of Prophets
March 28th: The World Offers Sandy Foundations
March 29th:  Am I Enough?
March 30th: The New Jerusalem
March 31st: We Add Our Voices

April 1st: Gather to Zion
April 2nd: Represent the Master
April 3rd: Molding a Masterpiece
April 4th: Our Father Supports Us
April 5th: A Sliver of Gethsemane
April 6th: This Life is Worth Living
April 7th: Mortal Milestones
April 8th: I Now Submit My Will to Thee
April 9th: God Does Not Hate the Sinner
April 10th: If You Feel Forsaken
April 11th: The Plan for Everyone
April 12th: Turn to the Light
April 13th: Who Can Boast in God to Excess?
April 14th: Let Christ the Lord Alone Be Judge
April 15th: The Savior of the One
April 16th: The Living Christ
April 17th: Christ Took It All
April 18th: Grant Us, Lord
April 19th: Our God Never Gives Us the Spirit of Fear
April 20th: Our Spirit’s Tapestry
April 21st: Time is the Greatest Gift
April 22nd: We Can Overcome All Things
April 23rd: Kindness Refines 
April 24th: Our Faith is Never Static 
April 25th: When My Soul Thirsts
April 26th:  The Span of God’s Plan
April 27th: God’s Kingdom Will Not Fall
April 28th: No One Knows Tomorrow
April 29th: I Leave Renewed
April 30th:  The Steadiness of God

May 1st: Within God’s Choir
May 2nd: The Savior Sees
May 3rd: Choosing a Path
May 4th: Peace is the Precious Fruit
May 5th: Look Not Behind Thee
May 6th: Though We’re Broken Vessels
May 7th: A Testimony of Our Own
May 8th: Our God is Ever True
May 9th: I Will Not Fail
May 10th: Cleave to the Ones You Love
May 11th: Every Neighbor Bears a Burden
May 12th:  Let Virtue Garnish
May 13th:  Angels See Our Actions
May 14th:  Our Mother
May 15th: Our Every Sacrifice
May 16th: There is Only One
May 17th: You Cannot Serve God and Mammon
May 18th: Contention Grows Like Bitter Weeds
May 19th: As Stars Send Us Their Distant Light
May 20th: The World Thinks It’s Wise
May 21st: How Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
May 22nd: Blessed Are All Those Who Mourn
May 23rd: Blessed Are the Meek
May 24th: Thy Living Bread
May 25th: Blessed Are Those Who Mercy Gain
May 26th: The Prince of Peace
May 27th: Bearing Christ’s Cross
May 28th: The Godhead
May 29th: Adam’s Fall
May 30th: All Mankind May Be Saved
May 31st: The First Four Steps

June 1st: By Power Divine
June 2nd: The Church Today is the Same Way
June 3rd: The Gifts of God are Many
June 4th: One in Our Hand
June 5th: What God Has Revealed
June  6th: This Earth was Once a Paradise
June 7th: We Claim Our Conscience
June 8th: Eternal Laws
June 9th: We Seek the Best
June 10th:  Though You May Not Know Before
June 11th: To Be Spiritually Minded
June 12th: Oh, Be Wise
June 13th: Lord, Sweep My Sins Away
June 14th: Look Forward to the Messiah
June 15th: We Offer Our Whole Souls
June 16th: For a Wise Purpose
June 17th: The Blessed and Happy State
June 18th: Redemption’s Song
June 19th: The Storms of Life
June 20th: How Oft Would the Lord Us Gather?
June 21st:  Happiness Can Grow
June 22nd: Oh, You Fair Ones
June 23rd: An Anchor to Our Souls
June 24th: Before God’s Pleasing Bar
June 25th: The Gospel Pure is Perfect
June 26th: If You Resist the Devil
June 27th: The Holy Spirit
June 28th: Our Faith Must Not Remain a Seed
June 29th: Our Freedom
June 30th: Fear Cannot Change Our Hearts

July 1st: If You Don’t Stand, Then Who?
July 2nd: The Righteous Need Not Fear
July 3rd: Pride Comes and then the Fall
July 4th: The War for Agency
July 5th: The Sheep and the Goats
July 6th: The Watchman Blows the Trumpet Loud
July 7th: With Wonder Filled
July 8th: Follow the Creator, Not the Crowd
July 9th: Service in the Vineyard
July 10th: We Hold to Eternity
July 11th: What We Choose to Be
July 12th: In Christ, You Shall Have Peace
July 13th: Look Up
July 14th: God’s Children
July 15th: I Thought I Knew
July 16th: The Gospel Language
July 17th: True Happiness Can Be Found
July 18th: Those Who Overcome the World
July 19th: What Greater Peace?
July 20th: God Wants Our Will
July 21st: It is Not Enough
July 22nd: The Cost of Righteousness
July 23rd: Our Wages
July 24th: Our Willing Savior
July 25th: When We Fall Short
July 26th: If Only I Could Speak
July 27th: Truth Will Not Lead You To Error
July 28th: Come to the Christ Divine
July 29th: I Trust I Made the Better Choice
July 30th: Our Father Sent Us Here to Serve
July 31st: Mortality is a Teacher

August 1st: Lord, Magnify My Offering
August 2nd: Till My Mission’s Complete 
August 3rd: We Dedicate Our Homes to Thee
August 4th: We See Only Through a Glass Darkly
August 5th: The Mighty Tree
August 6th: Savor the Journey
August 7th: The Rest of the Lord
August 8th: Treasures in Heaven
August 9th: In God’s Kingdom
August 10th: His Lambs
August 11th: Some Days
August 12th: Come and Feast
August 13th: The Power of the Lord
August 14th: All People Are God’s Children
August 15th: When Questions in My Soul Arise
August 16th: When Faith Stirs our Sails
August 17th: I Only Wish
August 18th: It Leads Us Home to Him
August 19th: Reaching for Thee
August 20th: I Chase That Star 
August 21st: Darkness Cannot Vanquish the Light
August 22nd: If Ever
August 23rd: Today I’ll Grow
August 24th: A Sanguine Flower
August 25th: Today I Will Endure
August 26th: I Ponder Today
August 27th: Let the Lord Still the Waves
August 28th: Some Days the Sky is Clear
August 29th: All Things Belong to Him on High
August 30th: When Christ Shall Descend
August 31st: Mortality’s a Gift

September 1st: No Storm Lasts Forever
September 2nd: Find It in the Home
September 3rd: True Love is Our Cornerstone
September 4th: The Wisdom of the Lord
September 5th: The Blessings of God
September 6th: We Now Retreat Within Our Souls
September 7th:  Our Souls Here are Not at Home
September 8th: Take the Holy Ghost Along
September 9th: To What You Have Become
September 10th: It Matters Not 
September 11th: I Would Align My Will With Thee
September 12th: True Knowledge Follows Faith
September 13th: When Obedience Becomes a Quest
September 14th: We are Not Nothing to Him
September 15th: How Great it Was
September 16th: This is What the World Needs
September 17th: Choose Your Love and Love Your Choice
September 18th: Happiness is What Happens Within
September 19th: Stick of Joseph, Stick of Judah
September 20th: In the Refiner’s Fire
September 21st: Our Celestial Home 
September 22nd: I Will Only Give My Best
September 23rd: How Joy Comes
September 24th: The Spirit’s Light 
September 25th: The Holy Ghost Within
September 26th: Faith is a Power
September 27th: Are Those That You Allow
September 28th: In God’s House
September 29th: All Things Denote
September 30th: God Has But One Objective

October 1st: There Never Was Such News
October 2nd: By Faith
October 3rd: Who Needs Me Today?
October 4th: The Greatest Form of Charity
October 5th: God is in Control
October 6th: A Prayer Away
October 7th: The Race Against Sin
October 8th: The Higher Law
October 9th: Those Who Need Us
October 10th: The Keystone of Our Testimony
October 11th: The Righteous Rise Again
October 12th: Disciples Swim Upstream 
October 13th: The Eternal Chain 
October 14th: Taking on Christ’s Name 
October 15th: Nothing Can Up Separate
October 16th: Life’s Race
October 17th: I Did Too
October 18th: Our Homes Can Be
October 19th: The Gospel Ship
October 20th: God’s Holy Day 
October 21st: Do Not Fear
October 22nd: The Lord Has More in Mind For You
October 23rd: He Knows
October 24th: Passing Through
October 25th: Look Beyond
October 26th: Choose the Harder Right
October 27th: Grasp the Opportunity
October 28th: Maintaining a Testimony
October 29th: How Swiftly
October 30th: Do We Trust the Lord Enough?
October 31st: All Things Renew

November 1st: Who Can Thank the Lord Enough?
November 2nd: Perfection is Still Pending
November 3rd: The Trek Continues Today
November 4th: Put Jesus at the Center Place
November 5th: Each Generation Has a Test
November 6th: A Single Soul
November 7th: May Righteousness Sink Deep
November 8th: Heaven Calls
November 9th: Why Do We Risk Eternal Life?
November 10th: The Greater Debt
November 11th: We’re Not Hypocrites, We’re Human
November 12th: The Sunset
November 13th: Two Masters
November 14th: Truth Mandates our Allegiance
November 15th: Not That Road
November 16th: Service is Celestial
November 17th: The Unfamiliar Path
November 18th: A Zion People
November 19th: The Anthem of the Restoration
November 20th: God’s Tools
November 21st: Incorporating Christ
November 22nd: God’s Armor
November 23rd: How Great a Gift is Gratitude
November 24th: Commandments Are Not Curses
November 25th: Surely, We Knew
November 26th: Service
November 27th: The Human Family
November 28th: Faith’s Way
November 29th: Faith is a Principle of Power
November 30th: Achieving the Peak

December 1st: Son of God, Sign of Love
December 2nd: The King Came as a Lamb
December 3rd: Good Tidings, Glad Tidings
December 4th: Three Gifts
December 5th: How Precious Truth Is
December 6th: The Condescension of God
December 7th: Prepare Him Room
December 8th: His Best Gift
December 9th: Light the World
December 10th: The Shepherd’s Witness
December 11th: That Holy Night
December 12th: Through Thousands of Years 
December 13th: It is Time 
December 14th: As a Shepherd
December 15th: This Purest Lamb
December 16th: Peace on Earth
December 17th: Christmas Symbols
December 18th: The Greatest Wonder
December 19th: A Welcoming Fitting for a King
December 20th: Symphony of Joy
December 21st: The Longest Night
December 22nd: Sharing the Light
December 23rd: At Last at Peace
December 24th: The Prophets Foretell
December 25th: He is the Gift
December 26th: Not Every Night
December 27th: The Gospel’s Guiding Star
December 28th: God’s Rest
December 29th: Now is the Time to Prepare
December 30th: Don’t Give In
December 31: How Blessed Are They Who Overcome

Special Topic Hymn Texts (2018)

January: New Year Texts

Week of December 31st: Past, Present, and Future
Week of January 7th: Our Father Loves Us Still
Week of January 14th: A New Creation 
Week of January 21st: Another Year Has Come and Gone 
Week of January 28th: When Heaven Seems Too Far Away

February: Baptism Texts 

Week of February 4th: Our Baptism Day
Week of February 11th: In Sight of God
Week of February 18th: Cleansed By God

Older Hymn Texts (2002-2016)
A Clarion of Righteousness
Act Well Thy Part
A Glimpse of Heaven
A Heritage Was Given Me 
All Nature Shouts its Maker’s Praise
All Ye Who Dwell in Darkness 
A Marvelous Work 
A Morning Like No Other
Approaching the Lord 
Are We Not All Beggars?
As Children
As Seeds Cast from a Mighty Tree
As We Take the Sacrament
Bearers of God’s Holy Armor
Brethren, We Reflect the Father
Children Are Our Greatest Treasure 
Christ is the Way
Christ’s Power is the Rock 
Christ’s Yoke is Easy 
Come and See
Dearest Lord with My Heart Full
Decisions Determine Destiny
Defying the Devil 
Departed Ones
Departed Ones, They Are Not Far
Do Not Dwell

Enjoy to the End
Eternal Love 
Eternity Depends on Now 
Evening Prayer
Ever So Humbly
Every Body is a Temple
Every Day Nearer
Eye Hath Not Seen

Faith in His Timing
Fatherhood is Fundamental
God Does Not Compel
God’s Hand
God Hears, God Feels, God Knows
God Shaped the World 
Grant Us Light from Heaven
He Knows Your Name
He Walked Alone So We Must Not
His Day
His Names
Hold the Light of Heaven
Holy Father
Holy Father, We Would Serve Thee
How Good is Our Lord?
How Rare a Prize is Virtue?
In a World of Darkness
Infinite and Eternal
If Like the Savior You Would Live
If Ye Love Me 
If Your Faith is a Seed
I Live By the Grace of Jesus
In One Garden
In Remembrance of Thee
It is Time to Do God’s Will
Lay Aside Every Weight
Let Thy Light Shine
Let Us Remember Him
Let Us See Things as They Truly Are
Lovest Thou Me?
Little One
Like a Mighty Wave
Love’s Refrain
More Precious Than Gold 
Our Father Loves His Every Child
My Gratitude and Praise
My Offering is Not Perfect Yet
No Human Heart Can Know
No Parting is Forever
Our Father Sends His Children
Our Spirits Here are Not at Home
Our Talents
Our Teacher

Remember the Faith of Our Fathers
Restore, O My Soul
Salvation is Purchased
Saints of Latter Days
Seek the Kingdom of God
See Yourself in the Temple
Striving to that Perfect Day
Take Up Your Cross
Temple Keys
That Heavenly Home
That We Must Not Be Lost 
The Bitter with the Sweet
The Blessings of the Priesthood 
The Brightest Flame Can Dwindle
The Embers of Faith 
The Empty Tomb
The Ends of the Earth
The Father’s Work is Hastening
The First Law of Heaven
The Fullness of Times
The Gifts of God 
The Grace that We Need
The Great and Spacious Building
The Greatest of These
The Holy Seed 
The Lord is Never Far Away 
The Lord Looks on the Heart
The Lord Will Prosper
The Pioneers Were Refugees
The Prophets
There Is Joy
There Is No Good Unless You Do It
There is Safety in God’s Service
Three Kingdoms
The Sabbath is a Sweet Delight 
Thy Strait and Narrow Way
The Temple Keys

The Truth of God

Thy Sacrifice, Thy Holy Gift 
Thy Word’s a Lamp Unto My Feet
Treasures in Heaven
Trust Not Thy Understanding
Valiant Then, Valiant Now
We Are Not Defined
We Can Be Free
We Must Be Born Again
We Preach of Christ
We Stand Between Two Masters
What Shall Now Ye Do?
When the Spirit Whispers to You
White as Wool and Clean Again
Who Shall Ascend? 
With Reverence and Awe
We Sustain God’s Servants
Weather of the Soul
Worthy is the Father
Your Neighbor Bears a Burden

Scripture/Doctrinal Mastery Hymn Texts: 

Old Testament/Pearl of Great Price
Moses 1:39: God’s Work and Glory 
Moses: 7:18: The Lord Called His People Zion
Abraham 3:22-23: Thou Wast Chosen
Genesis 1:26-27: Created in His Image
Genesis 1:28: All Things on Earth Fill God’s Command
Genesis 2:24: Cleaving to Each Other
Genesis 39:9: If Temptation Overtakes You
Exodus 19:5-6: How Treasured are All the Faithful Ones
Exodus 20:2-17: The Ten Commandments
Joshua 24:15: Choose Ye All This Day 
1 Samuel 16:7: Judge Not
Psalm 24:3-4: Who Shall Ascend
Psalm 119:105: Thy Words a Lamp Unto My Feet
Psalm 127:3: Seeds Cast From a Mighty Tree
Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust Not Thy Understanding
Isaiah 1:18: White as Wool and Clean Again
Isaiah 5:20: Truth Is Always Truth 
Isaiah 29:13-14: Our Savior Bore It First 

Isaiah 53: 3-5: Every Grief
Isaiah 58:6-7: It Is Time to Do God’s Will
Isaiah 58:13-14: The Sabbath is a Sweet Delight
Jeremiah 1:4-5: You Were Chosen 
Ezekiel 3:16-17: In Israel the Lord a Watchman Has Set 
Ezekiel 37:15-17: The Voice of Two Witnesses
Daniel 2:44: God’s Kingdom in the Latter Days
Amos 3:7: We All Sustain God’s Servants
Malachi 3:8-10: Bring All the Tithes Together
Malachi 4:5-6: Our Holy Purpose
Joseph Smith History: 1:15-20: Joseph Smith Had a Deep Question

The New Testament

Matthew 5:14-16: Let Thy Light Shine
Matthew 11:28-30: Christ’s Yoke is Easy 
Matthew 16:15-19: Christ’s Power is the Rock
Matthew 22:36-39: The First Commandment
Matthew 28:19-20: The Ends of Earth Will Hear God’s Word
Matthew 28:19-20: Go Ye Unto All the Earth
Luke 24:36-38: The Savior’s Peace
John 3:5: We Must Be Born Again 
John 7:17: You Must Go and Do
John 14:15: If Ye Love Me
John 14:6: Christ is the Way 
John 14:6: Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
John 15:16: Ye Have Not Chosen Me
John 17:3: This is Life Eternal
Acts 2:36-38: What Shall Now Ye Do?
Acts 3:19-21: The Times of Refreshing
1 Corinthians 2: 5, 9-11: No Eye Has Ever Seen
1 Corinthians 6: 19-20: Ev’ry Body is a Temple

1 Corinthians 11:11: His Holy Purpose

1 Corinthians 15:20-22: E’en So in Christ We Live Again
1 Corinthians 15:40-42: Our Home Divine
Galatians 5:22-23: The Fruit of the Spirit

Ephesians 4: 11-14: Jesus’ Church is As One Body
Phillipians 4:3: Upon the Rock of Christ
Hebrews 12:9: We Heed Our Earthly Fathers Here
2 Timothy 3:15-17: Wise Unto Salvation
James 1:5: If Wisdom You Lack
James 2:17-18: Faith Without Works

1 Peter 4:6: All Mankind Must Hear God’s Word
Revelation 20: 12-13: When Judgement Day at Last Arrives

The Book of Mormon
1 Nephi 3:7: The Lord Prepares a Way for Us
2 Nephi 2:25: According to the Flesh We’re Free
2 Nephi 2:27: The Hope of Christ
2 Nephi 9:28-29: A Cunning Plan
2 Nephi 28:7-9: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
2 Nephi 32:3: Feast On the Words of Christ

2 Nephi 32:8-9: The Spirit Teacheth Us to Pray
Mosiah 3:19: The Natural Man’s an Enemy
Alma 7:11-13: Pains, Temptations of Every Kind
Alma 41:10: Wickedness Never Was Happiness
3 Nephi 12:48: Be Ye Therefore Perfect
3 Nephi 18: 15, 20-21: Pray Always to the Father 
Ether 12:6: Dispute Not Because You See Not
Ether 12:27: God’s Grace is Sufficient 
Moroni 7:41: What is it That Ye Shall We Hope For? 

Moroni 7:41:45, 47-48: Faith, Hope, and Charity
Moroni 10:4-5: When You Shall Receive These Things

Doctrine and Covenants 

Doctrine and Covenants 1:37-28: True and Faithful
Doctrine and Covenants 6:36: Look to Me in Every Thought
Doctrine and Covenants 8:2-3: For Now God Speaks to You
Doctrine and Covenants 10:5: Prayer is the Shield 
Doctrine and Covenants 13:1: Brethren, We Bear Aaron’s Priesthood
Doctrine and Covenants 18:10-11: The Worth of Souls
Doctrine and Covenants 18:15-16: If You Should Labor All Your Days
Doctrine and Covenants 19:16-19: Our Savior Suffered for All
Doctrine and Covenants 19:23: Learn of Me, So Says the Savior
Doctrine and Covenants 25:13: Cleave to Your Covenants
Doctrine and Covenants 46:33: God Dwells on Them No More
Doctrine and Covenants: 58:42-43: God Dwells on Them No More
Doctrine and Covenants 64:9-11: If You Would Be Forgiven
Doctrine and Covenants 76: 22-24: He Lives!
Doctrine and Covenants 76: 40-41: The Gospel, the Glad Tidings
Doctrine and Covenants 78:19: The Grateful are Made Glorious
Doctrine and Covenants 82:10: The Lord is Bound 
Doctrine and Covenants 88: 124: The Lord has Taught Us How to Live
Doctrine and Covenants 88: 118: Seek Learning by Study But Also By Faith
Doctrine and Covenants 89:18-21: Health for Our Bodies
Doctrine and Covenants 107:8: The Priesthood Through All Ages
Doctrine and Covenants 121: 36, 41-42: Priesthood Power
Doctrine and Covenants 130: 22-23: The Father and the Son
Doctrine and Covenants 131:1-4: Three Kingdoms Lie Before Us
Doctrine and Covenants 135:3: Hymn to the Matyrdom

Special Occasion Texts

In honor of President Thomas S. Monson:

God Welcomes His Servants Back Home
Only God Knows