Hymns by Date

Jan 1: A New Beginning
Jan 2: The Father’s Vision
Jan 3: Weep for a While Only 
Jan 4: I Have Taken On Thy Name
Jan 5: We Are the Sum 
Jan 6: The Wise Men
Jan 7: Our Sisters and Brothers
Jan 8: The Strait and Narrow Path 
Jan 9: Our Savior Knows
Jan 10: Take Time to be Thankful 
Jan 11: What Faith Can
Jan 12: The Windows of Heaven
Jan 13: Wishing for Change
Jan 14: In This World 
Jan 15: Though I Have Not Seen God’s Face
Jan 16: Fear and Faith Cannot Exist Together 
Jan 17: Little Children
Jan 18: When We Offer Our Hearts to God 
Jan 19:  When You Don’t Understand 
Jan 20: Mercy for Others
Jan 21: Help Me Accept What I Can’t Change
Jan 22: Many a Day
Jan 23: Missing the Mark
Jan 24: Their Mothers Knew It 
Jan 25: Through a Glass Darkly 
Jan 26: Though I Am One of Many
Jan 27: A Treasure Above All Others
Jan 28: Success at Home
Jan 29: Be Still and Know
Jan 30: Wanderers Below
Jan 31: Peace, Be Still

Feb 1: Liken the Scriptures 
Feb 2: We Fought for Agency 
Feb 3:  Love Never Fails 
Feb 4: Clean and Pure
Feb 5: All Those Who Seek God’s Face
Feb 6: Doubt Your Doubts
Feb 7: The Growing Seed
Feb 8: The Other Pioneers
Feb 9: Faith Is Our Teacher
Feb 10: Worthiness
Feb 11: Lord, May I Not Forget
Feb 12: No Purer Love 
Feb 13: True Love
Feb 14: Love Is a Daily Choice
Feb 15: God Looks Upon the Heart
Feb 16: God’s Love Provides
Feb 17: When I Turn Away
Feb 18: Love Never Fails
Feb 19: Only God’s Grace
Feb 20: What All The World Calls Happiness
Feb 21: As We Should See
Feb 22: Some Souls
Feb 23: Our Heavenly Father Sees 
Feb 24: The Well of Faith
Feb 25: We Can Be Still and Know 
Feb 26: Heal My Heart
Feb 27: The Weather of the Soul 
Feb 28: Turn to Prayer

March 1st: Christ’s Example
March 2nd: The Gift of Agency 
March 3rd: Preserving Freedom
March 4th: Born of Water and of Spirit
March 5th: Raise Your Voice for Good 
March 6th: How Many Days?
March 7th: Waiting on the Lord
March 8th: Another Week
March 9th: Pursuing Perfection
March 10th: The Mote and the Beam
March 11th: The Saints Will Know the Season
March 12th: Do Not Put Off for Tomorrow
March 13th: Never Too Far
March 14th: The Good Samaritan 
March 15th: Each Year
March 16th: To Serve the One 
March 17th: Not By Chance
March 18th: To Prove Ourselves
March 19th: Do Not Wish Another Life
March  20th: That Which Was Lost
March 21st: What We Have Become
March 22nd: What Greater Name?