Hymn Text: Choose Your Love and Love Your Choice

Date: September 17th, 2017
Title: Choose Your Love and Love Your Choice
Meter: 7 7 7 7
Topic: marriage, union, covenants

Chose your love and love your choice.
Let God’s holy power seal,
In eternal life rejoice,
As one at the altar kneel.

Choose your love and never stray,
Bind all your affections fast,
Walk with your love through life’s way,
And both make it home at last.

Choose your love and to forgive
Any faults that follow.
For this will let your family live
And not become but hollow.

Choose your love, do not look back,
Look to the future solely.
What God ordains shall not lack
For He will make you holy.

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Hymn Text: This is What the World Needs

Date: September 16th, 2017
Title: This is What the World Needs
Meter: 8 7 8 7
Topic: kindness, thoughts, generosity

Never suppress generous thoughts
Nor avoid kindly deeds.
For this is what the Savior taught,
This is what the world needs.

Never shrink from a chance to serve
To act as the Savior’s hand.
For all the love of God deserve,
In ev’ry nation and land.

Never turn the beggar away
Who cries for one to sustain.
For we all beg to God this way,
All our living to obtain.

Never think on yourself alone
All are in God’s fam’ly great,
Soon all will kneel before His throne
Then we’ll how we relate.

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Hymn Text: How Great It Was

Date: September 15th, 2017
Title: How Great it Was
Meter: 8 6 8 6 D
Topic: pioneers, perseverance, trials

How great it was to cross the plains,
But those who now prevail,
Must shake off heavy mortal chains
That trials great entail.

How great it was to forge a trail
That others might pursue.
Today we forge, lest others fail
The work of God to do.

How great it was to heed the call
The prophet spoke, to flee.
And those today must heed them all—
We face uncertainty.

How great it was to start again
Their lives in a new land.
And we too must be ready when
Our God gives the command.

How great it was to sacrifice
That others might endure.
And we today must pay the price
If we too would be pure.

How great it was to stay the course
Until the path was through.
And we too must trust in the source
If we would also do.

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Hymn Text: We Are Not Nothing to Him

Date: September 14th, 2017
Title: We Are Not Nothing to Him
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D
Topic: God’s love, children, truth

We are nothing compared to God
But we are not nothing to Him
The devil peddles us his fraud—
That we are too worthless and dim,

To warrant His love, here below
To enter His heart and His mind.
But God through His Spirit bestows
The purest love that one can find.

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Hymn Text: When Obedience Becomes a Quest

Date: September 13th, 2017
Title: When Obedience Becomes a Quest
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D
Topic: obedience, commandments, grace

When obed’ence becomes a quest
God will endow us with power.
For if we seek God’s blessings best
We will never shrink or cower,

When God’s commandments seem daunting
And impossible to fulfill
When the devil’s hosts are flaunting
All their enmity to God’s will.

When obed’ence becomes our aim,
God will reveal our direction
For if we seek the seas to tame,
Then we must pursue perfection.

Though in this life the mark is far,
We only must improve our aim.
Not as a journey to a star,
But to the home from whence we came.

When obed’ence is not a chore,
Our potential is manifest.
The spirit’s wealth we keep in store.
We find the spirit’s promised rest.

We know God’s will before He speaks,
For it’s reflected in our own.
We stand before Him, when He seeks,
We seek to do His will alone.

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Hymn Text: True Knowledge Follows Faith

Date: September 12th, 2017
Title: True Knowledge Follows Faith
Meter: 8 6 8 6 D
Topic: faith, knowledge, growth

True knowledge follows faith as sure
As sprouts will follow seeds.
As long as ev’ry seed is pure.
And we see to their needs.

Each seed is planted in the hope
Of seeing leaves and fruit,
Of branches that with wind can cope,
Of strength drawn from the root.

True knowledge comes when faith can grow,
From its first, tender state
What saplings hope, grown trees can know,
And then can truth relate.

By scattering new seeds abroad,
Where the ground is prepared.
To bring for the Vineyard of God,
That is from burning spared.

True knowledge will to us be sweet,
More even than faith’s taste.
The ripened fruit will be complete,
And none shall go to waste.

This fruit is worth our ev’ry hour,
That we must toil and prune,
So we should labor with all pow’r,
That we may see it soon.

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Hymn Text: I Would Align My Will with Thee

Date: September 11th, 2017
Title: I Would Align My Will with Thee
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D
Topic: Humility, Obedience, Virtue

I would align my will with Thee,
O, Savior, teach humility.
Though Thou hast all power and might,
Thou art lowly, meek in our sight.

Thy Father’s will alone Thou dost,
Thou placest in Him humble trust.
Then help me also so to do,
That I may be humbled anew.

I would align my will with Thee,
O, Savior, bless my agency.
Provide the necessary light,
That I may choose each step aright.

I would obey as Thou hast done,
Submitting as a willing son,
By bearing all things cheerfully,
Out of love, and not fearfully.

I would align my will with Thee,
O, Savior, for virtue I plea.
At all times may my heart be pure,
So that temptations I endure.

I would be clean as Thou hast shown,
Thy blood, Thy power can atone.
And wash me pure as wool is white,
To leave me virtuous, contrite.

I would align my will with Thee,
O, Savior, truly make me free.
Lord, help me now to humble stay,
Prepare me quickly to obey.

Though obedience, make me clean,
Until I take Thy heav’nly sheen,
Engraven on my very face.
I’ll meet Thee in Thy holy place.

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