NOTE: General Submissions are closed, but there is contest going on for certain types of hymns.


We are seeking three categories of hymns for which there have not yet been enough submissions. From March 2nd – March 16th, 2015, you can submit hymns in any of these categories. They can be either ones of you have already written, or something new that you write for this contest, but they need to fit into one of the following categories.

1st Category: Priesthood Hymns (Hymns about the priesthood, either for men’s or mixed voices. Both men and women are encouraged to submit to this category.)

2nd Category: Relief Society Hymns (Hymns appropriate for Relief Society, either for women’s or mixed voices. Both men and women are encouraged to submit to this category.)

3rd Category: Youth/Children Hymns (Hymns/songs that are appropriate for children or youth. Focus on teaching gospel principles.)

There will be two winners in each category: Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice. The judge’s choice will be made by a committee of three LDS composers. The people’s choice will be based on a voting process.

Each winner will be given a $10 gift card and guaranteed publication in “As Saints We Sing”. All entries will be considered for publication in the same collection.

All hymns must meet the submission guidelines of the “As Saints We Sing” project. view the submission guidelines below.

Submit as a .pdf or .mus file to


Hymnbook Submissions

I am looking for hymns for a new hymnbook compilation to be published in both physical and ebook form. Simple, hymns in SATB, SSA, SSAA, SAB, or TTBB are welcome. These should be appropriate in range and difficulty for a ward or stake choir.  They also should take up only one or two pages.

You will retain the copyright to your work, and it does not matter if the hymn has appeared somewhere else, only that you own the rights. You may submit hymns that have never been published or that have been previously published. It is only important that you own all the rights to the music and text.

There is no limit to the number of hymns you may submit, and they will be evaluated by the following criteria:

1. Musical excellence

2. Text

3. Doctrinal soundness

4. Adherence to guidelines/appropriateness for the project


I am looking for hymns in the following categories:

Hymns of the Restoration (LDS specific hymns)

Sacrament Hymns

Easter Hymns

Christmas Hymns


Priesthood/Relief Society Hymns

“Millennial” Hymns (Current hymns in new settings)

Submission Period

The first submission period will end February 28th, 2015. Additional submission periods may be added as need demands.

How to Submit

Please send hymns as .pdf or in Finale (.mus or .musx) format  for consideration to


General Guidelines

I am specifically also looking for pieces that fit the needs of LDS Ward Choirs, especially those inspired by the Book of Mormon and the teachings of the restored Gospel.

All sorts of voicings, instruments and styles are welcome, as long as they comply with LDS values and the reverence of worship services.

Submissions in English are encouraged, but hymns in other languages will be considered. If you submit in a language other than English, please provide a translation of the lyrics into English.

Please allow up to 60 days for a response. If it had been longer than that, feel free to send me a follow-up email.

We look forward to seeing your work!


10 responses to “Submissions

      • Just now saw your facebook request. Thanks and what a great and inspired idea. I hope to send you a few tunes for submission. SIncerely, Lyle. PS In 1985-86 I listened to Pre Benson in the Anaheim Convention center in California and wrote an anthem on the Book of Mormon. It still sits in my brain and on paper with the intention of a choir singing it. I wrote it from the notes I took from our Prophet’s talk on the Book of Mormon.

  1. Mike, I heartily applaud what you are doing and I totally agree with you that the current songbook is WAY overdue for a revision. But, you’ll have to help me….I’m almost completely computer illiterate and don’t know how to submit any of my songs to you. However, I have written many beautiful and doctrinally sound Mormon/religious songs, some of which have been sung around the world in many languages, Jerry Jackman has even considered publishing some of them….But I am unwilling to give up the copyrights to any of them. I believe a brief call from you would be most beneficial to both of us.

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