I’ll Walk Today As Jesus Walked

In General Conference, President Monson said “Walking where Jesus was is less important than walking as he walked.” My friend and collaborator, Rick Graham, though that this idea would make a wonderful children’s song. He wrote a beautiful melody, and asked me if I’d provide the words.

It took me a few complete revisions to get them just right, but I’m very happy with the end result. Enjoy!

I’ll Walk Today As Jesus Walked (1)


Share Goodness

I recently listened to Elder Bednar’s address at BYU Education Week entitled “Share Goodness”. My frequent collaborator, Rick Graham had the idea to write a hymn based on the principles found in this talk, about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ however you can.

He wrote a cheerful hymn setting, and I provided the words based on certain images and thoughts he provided me. We hope you enjoy the result!


Also be sure to check out Rick’s site at http://www.ldshappymusic.com/

And you can read Elder Bednar’s address here: https://www.lds.org/church/share/goodness

God’s Infinite, Eternal Power

Today, we have another collaboration with Rick Graham. The words were inspired by a General Conference address given in the Priesthood Session in October 2013 by Elder Niel A Andersen. It talked about how priesthood holders simply open the curtain that allows God’s power to shine through.

You can view the address here: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/10/power-in-the-priesthood?lang=eng


Also be sure to check out Rick’s site at http://www.ldshappymusic.com/

Bearers of God’s Holy Priesthood


Thanks to Rick Graham for this wonderful collaboration. I wrote the words and he paired them with music in a hymn that talks about how God blesses everyone through the Priesthood.


Sacrament Hymn: Great Is Thy Mercy

This week I collaborated with a fellow Mormon Tabernacle Choir member to create a new sacrament hymn. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics, and I’m really pleased with the result. He has started a new site to post his compositions, and you can check out our combined effort there:



Here are the words:

Great is thy mercy, O Lord, most holy.

We bring our souls as an off’ring to thee.

Great is thy love, more than I comprehend

Infinite, eternal, thy Son, whom thou didst send.


Great is thy power, O Lord, most mighty.

Breaking the chains of death and of sin.

Great is thy grace, in saving those who roam.

Blotting even scarlet sins, through Christ who did atone.


Great is thy glory, O Lord, most holy.

We leave our burdens at thy feet.

Great is thy plan that gives up hope anew.

Making clear our path as we our covenants renew.