Evening Prayer

As part of my ongoing hymnbook project, I reworked one of the first hymns I ever wrote as a teenager. I am so happy to see how much I’ve grown as a musical since then.

Evening Prayer SATB

Here are the words:

As I close my eyes, serene, contemplating all I’ve seen.

I thank Thee, Lord, that I might say

I’ve seen Thy hand throughout my day.

I’ve felt Thy warm and gentle touch.

I’ve seen reflected just how much Thou lovest me!

In humility I pray, Lord, please grant me one more day,

To see and touch, to feel and prove,

The wondrous blessings of Thy love

To those who need Thy tender care.

To bless them is my evening prayer.

Just one more week to submit hymns, which can be sent to thesongoftherighteous@gmail.com.


Jesu, the Very Thought of Thee

As a German speaker, I have always been a fan of Wagner’s music. One of my favorites is the Pilgrim’s Chorus from Tannhäuser, which is one I have sung with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Here’s an older recording of it:

I have taken the tune and used it for a setting of “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee”, combining it with one verse of another version “Jesu, the Very Thought is Sweet”. Enjoy!

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee 

The Lord Is My Light In a New Light


When I first decided to arrange hymns with alternate settings, “The Lord is My Light” was one of the first ones I thought of. A melody for it popped into my mind and I had to write it down quickly. I have now put it into an SATB form, and I am very pleased with the result. I have used only the verses, leaving the refrain for the original arrangement.

The Lord is My Light (alt) SATB


I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly

No one knows who wrote the words to “I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly”, but they are some of the most stirring words of the Restoration. I have paired these words with the hymn tune often paired with “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name”, which is also called “Coronation”. True to the name of the hymn tune, it sounds regal, and fits the majesty of the words.

I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly simple

For the Beauty of the Earth

Today we have a version of “For the Beauty of the Earth”, set the familiar tune of “Once in Royal David’s City”. I added a new harmonization than the one now in the LDS hymnbook.

For the Beauty of the Earth Simple (alt)


I Need Thee Every Hour (Plus a Bonus)

Today, I have an SATB arrangement of “I Need Thee Every Hour” set to the tune of a wonderful Norwegian carol. The tune itself is both beautiful and plaintive and fits the message of the word perfectly.

I Need Thee Every Hour

As a bonus, I have also included a version of the same music with the words of “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”, which is a German Christmas carol. Might be a while yet before you need to use that one, but then again, maybe you like to do Christmas in July. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir once recorded a Christmas concert in July in order to send to make into a PBS special, so it does happen.

Lo How a Rose (Simple)

If You Could Hie or O Savior, Thou Who Wearest Solo

One of favorite switches to make is trading off the melodies of “If You Could Hie to Kolob” and “O Savior, Thou Who Wearest”. In this version, you have the melody of “If You Could Hie to Kolob”, but both sets of words.


If You Could Hie to Kolob_O Savior (Solo)