“As Saints We Sing” Second Edition

“As Saints We Sing” is now in its second printing! In this edition, we edited a few things. If you got the first edition, you can download the songs we swapped out or edited, free of charge.

Selections by Hyrum and Rosemary Mead

Selections by Michael Young

Special Sale

My hymn collection “As Saints We Sing” is on sale for a limited time. Right now, if you order it directly from the Cedar Fort website, you can pick up the collection of 179 songs for only $5.99! (Usually $20.99).

They will only keep this price until the first printing is sold out, which is only about 100 books left, so now is a perfect time to pick one up, especially if you’d like to prepare a new Easter song for the coming season.

Also, if you purchase it and email your receipt to thecanticlekingdom@gmail.com, I’ll send you a digital collection with 100 additional songs free of charge.

Extra Songs to Enjoy

There are even more reasons to pick up a copy of “As Saints We Sing!” Over 100 more!

You can purchase the collection here: https://amzn.to/3a6O4Hm

Besides the 179 songs you get by purchasing “As Saints We Sing”, purchasing the collection also entitles you to three digital freebies! 

  1. Classic Hymn Collection: A collection of sixty classic Christian hymns from various traditions in SATB arrangements. 
  2. As Youth We Sing: A collection of twenty-seven original children’s songs that help teach the Gospel. 
  3. Special Music Numbers: A collection of eighteen special numbers for a variety of cultures. 

That’s an additional 105 songs! 

To claim your free copies of all three collections, do the following: 

  1. Send a proof of purchase for “As Saints We Sing” to thecanticlekingdom@gmail.com.
  2. Join my author contact list on the homepage of https://authormichaelyoung.com/

I will then send you a PDF copy of all three collections. 

If you want access to these digital collections without purchasing “As Saints We Sing”, you can send me $10 through Venmo (Username: @mdybyu), and I will send you all three collections. 


“As Saints We Sing”

After many years of work, my hymn collection, “As Saints We Sing” is now available, starting September 14th! I’d like to thank all the many composers, lyricists, and other collaborators who made this collection a reality! I had the idea for it all the way back in 2015 while hearing a church choir sing in a church I was visiting. I started brainstorming on that day and I’ve been working hard on it ever since. I wanted to create a collection that focuses more on latter-day saint doctrines and also breathes new life into beloved texts that we have sung for years at church.

Here’s a little about the collection:

As Saints We Sing features the beautiful arrangements of 176 beloved hymns by various Latter-day Saint lyricists and composers that focus on the restoration of\nThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many are original works, appearing for the first time in print, and some are specifically for Easter and Christmas. These songs include all four parts (SATB) and highlight the Church’s unique doctrines. Some of the selections found within these pages are

• A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

• Dearest Children, God Is Near You

• Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

• God Be with You Till We Meet Again

• I Need Thee Every Hour

• O Holy Night

• The Spirit of God

• Nearer My God to Thee

Draw closer to God with this priceless collection of religious favorites. Enjoy the timeless melodies and inspired lyrics that are tender reminders of the Church’s sacred and sometimes poignant history.
This outstanding book is an indispensable addition to any Latter-day Saint library.

The collection is spiral-bound for easier use on pianos and organs.

To order (or pre-order) the collection, please click here.

Hymn Text: Through Faith’s Eyes

Title: Through Faith’s Eyes
Meter: 8 6 8 6 D

Some things can only be obtained
By looking through faith’s eyes.
Our mortal eyes are oft restrained
They cannot see the prize.

The sacred golden plates of old,
The Liahona’s ball
The sword of Laban’s steel and gold
Through faith, we see them all.

Some things can only be perceived
By looking with faith’s sight
The words of Christ may be believed
When shown us through his light.

His crown of thorns, his pierced side,
His wounded hands and feet,
The offering for which he died
Our view may be complete.

Hymn Text: The Power of His Saving Grace

Title: The Power of His Saving Grace
Meter: 8 8 8 8 8 8

The power of His saving grace
Will ransom those who did believe
From every land and every race
Who would HIs word with hope receive.

No matter what the place or time
He shall atone with pow’r sublime.

The power of His sacrifice
Will save all those who saw His day
For all their debts He will suffice
They saw in Him the life, the way.

No matter what the place or time
He shall atone with pow’r sublime.

The power of His offering
Redeems the coming souls as well
By virtue of His suffering
He snatches every soul from hell.

No matter what the place or time
He shall atone with pow’r sublime.

Hymn Text: Go Forth to Strengthen All the Saints

Title: Go Forth to Strengthen All the Saints
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D

Thy tongue is loosed. Thy way is clear.
Thy heart is opened wide,
My presence shall be ever near
Thy strength shall be supplied.

Go forth to strengthen all the saints
Exhort them to be wise.
Fulfill your duty to the saints
To help them see the prize.

Thy hands are strong, thy feet are swift.
Thy voice may yet resound.
To warn the ones who float adrift,
Of where they soon are bound.

Go forth to strengthen all the saints
Exhort them to be wise.
Fulfill your duty to the saints
To help them see the prize.

Thy mind is keen. Thy sight is bright,
Thy will is as mine own.
I shall encircle thee with light,
And bless thee from my throne.

Go forth to strengthen all the saints
Exhort them to be wise.
Fulfill your duty to the saints
To help them see the prize.

Hymn Text: The Word of the Lord

Title: The Word of the Lord
Meter: 10 8 10 8

The word of the Lord will cut through all lies
With sharpness and power divine.
No matter what form the Devil’s disguise
The truth in the darkness will shine.

The word of the Lord will feed us as bread
With fullness and lightness of soul.
It saves those who eat, both living and dead,
And makes every sufferer whole.

The world of the Lord will never expire,
Though ages and ages pass by.
It fills us with hope, will goodness inspire,
Allows us to preach, testify.

Hymn Text: The Work of Greatest Worth

Title: The Work of Greatest Worth
Meter: 6 6 6 6 8 8

The work of greatest worth—
Repentance to proclaim
That ev’ry soul on earth
May take upon God’s name.

So may we labor with our might
To fill the world with heaven’s light.

The time is growing short
Repentance to declare,
To gather to His fort
Our precious souls to spare.

So may we labor well today
To help each other find the way.

The Spirit will attend
Repentance to reveal
Until the very end,
His balm will bless and heal.

So may we labor with His sword
To harvest wheat unto the Lord.

Hymn Text: No Greater Prize

Title: No Greater Prize
Meter: 6 6 6 6 8 8

This is no greater prize
Than life’s eternal flame
For after we arise
Within a perfect frame

The Father with His joy will fill
And nothing from our eyes conceal.

This is no greater worth
Than life within his gaze
Obtaining second birth
And heaven’s fervent rays.

The breadth of all creation ours,
And heir to all His mighty powers.

There is no greater rest
Nor any greater peace
Than living as His blessed
Perpetual increase.

That of this fulness we may taste
Let us prepare our hearts with haste.